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Increasingly eco-responsible materials and processing mark the development of Snob Milano, giving greater attention to the environment, higher quality and unmistakable style.

BIO LUX is the new product family that SNOB Milano introduces to their collection. A research path aimed at experimenting and choosing new solutions – materials, treatments, colours – that are increasingly compatible with the environment around us and that, at the same time, can meet the quality and aesthetic standards of the brand.

A long-standing path that, season after season, adds small significant pieces to reduce the footprint and impact as little as possible for the common good. For years, Franco Sordelli, a partner company and manufacturer of the brand, has invested resources in photovoltaics to be able to produce its products with clean energy, reaching the significant goal of 40% of self-generated energy this year.

2022 marked an even more significant turning point: starting in the autumn, every pair of SNOB Milan glasses will be fitted with ZEISS Sunlens climate-friendly flat lenses made of eco-friendly nylon obtained through the use of bio-based alternative material and managed with a mass-balanced production approach and the use of renewable electricity. This new sustainable material maintains the characteristics, standards and optical performance of its previous polyamide counterpart, thus being able to continue to offer a high quality product.

The recently concluded edition of Silmo saw the closing of the circle with the introduction of the BIO LUX line: 3 new models made of plant-derived bio-plastic combined with beta-titanium rods – an extremely light, resistant, flexible material that is also hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biocompatible. This solution turns out to be much less harmful to health and has a lower impact on the environment, both in the composition of the materials and in their processing.

A sustainable alternative to traditional plastic, the new material chosen by SNOB Milano for the frames has in fact the same characteristics as the previous one but has undoubted advantages: it does not release any polluting or toxic elements and therefore contributes to reducing environmental pollution.

RADETZKY, iconic glasses of the collection, launched in 2016 and immediately became a must for the Milanese brand, is now a symbol and trait of this new transition: in the new BIO LUX version, it reaches full confidence with opaque colours and a bold and sophisticated look.

Snob Milano - Radetzky (1)
Snob Milano - Radetzky (2)
Snob Milano - Radetzky (3)

Two new models join the icon of the collection in this new eco-friendly interpretation: TARGA and RADICAL. Very wide and slightly square, Targa has all the charm of the 60s and 70s men’s glasses, today a leading style not only as a masculine frame but also among the most in-style feminine shapes of the moment.

Snob Milano - Targa (1)
Snob Milano - Targa (3)
Snob Milano - Targa (2)

The new Radical model is, on the other hand, a perfect round; simple and linear, this model softens the facial features giving an intellectual or more casual look depending on the chosen colour.

Snob Milano - Radical (2)
Snob Milano - Radical (3)
Snob Milano - Radical (1)

About Snob Milano:

The design team at Snob Milano puts their product at the center of their target, with an innovative appeal thanks to a consistent product culture. Their goal is to satisfy and stimulate your curiosity and style. Through their partnership with ZEISS sunlens dept. they are able to bring quality and technology to the highest standards of the market.

Read more about them on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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