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ClearVision Optical is excited to announce its propriety Italian fashion eyewear collection: ILLA.

ILLA‘s premium frames offer the best in Italian style. The colorful, geometric, and exaggerated shapes in the collection make Italian premium fashion accessible for people who love statement eyewear.

The styles are 100% designed-and-crafted in Italy using top-quality acetate materials and Italian hinge components. The artisans who designed and manufactured the collection each have, on average, 30 years of experience in eyewear. Using the latest machinery and finest components, they poured their collective history of Italian fashion eyewear expertise and design into every style. The initial release features 22 bold and geometric shapes crafted into a thrilling palette of unique colorations.

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ILLA is for bold and expressive individuals who dress and accessorize to convey their sense of self. They enter the room and announce themselves through these vibrant colors, artistic details, and eccentric shapes.

In total, the release features 88 eye-catching, Italian-artisan pieces at competitive pricing for top-quality materials and fashion eyewear. All frames will ship with a beautiful brown hard case with a pop of lime green color, as well as a cleaning cloth.


ILLA will be available starting this fall; including an exclusive first opportunity to view the collection at Vision Expo West booth #P16056.

[URIS id=39737]
The artful lines of visible wire cores run through this frame’s temples. The front features a bold and angled square-butterfly eye shape. The confident colorations range from playful to polished. The Honey Transparent model comes with a gold-wire core. The Red option features a silver-wire core. In Black, the frame comes with Black Crystal Laminate temples cut with a silver-wire core. The Havana color includes laminate temples with a gold-wire core.

[URIS id=39740]
Sharp corners add an expressive touch to the bold angled-butterfly eye shape of this style. Visible wire cores run through temples that feature brilliant and feminine colorations. The Fuchsia Transparent and Blue Cornflower Transparent options each include silver-wire cores. The Honey Transparent style comes with gold-wire cores in the temples. The Brown Amber Demi frame is contrasted by Black Crystal Laminate temples with gold-wire cores.

[URIS id=39744]
A bold-square eye shape is complemented by visible wire cores that extend through the temples of this model. The gold and silver wire cores and stylish acetate come together for a resplendent range of colorations. The Black Matte, Crystal Satin and Red Cherry Transparent styles feature silver-wire cores. The Brown Amber Demi style comes with Black Crystal Laminate temples cut with a gold-wire core.

[URIS id=39748]
This style’s confidence comes through in the bold narrow-rectangle eye shape. Visible wire cores add a feminine feel to a palette of artfully updated classic colorations. The Black, Burgundy Transparent, and Green Transparent styles are all cut with silver-wire cores. The Brown Amber Demi option features Black Crystal Laminate temples with gold-wire cores.

[URIS id=39753]
Expressive, sharp angles accentuate the round eye shape and keyhole bridge of this model. Visible wire cores add vibrance to the temple colorations. The Red Cherry Transparent and Green Transparent options come with silver-wire core in the temples. The Brown Tortoise and Black models come with Black Crystal Laminate temples; the former with a gold-wire core and the latter featuring a silver-wire core.

[URIS id=39758]
This style comes with a bold angled-butterfly eye shape in confident and fierce transparent acetate colorations. It is available in Fuchsia Transparent, Violet Transparent, Yellow Transparent, and Black.

[URIS id=39760]
This P3 style features a keyhole bridge and comes in several subtly unique colorations. These include Grey Transparent, Havana, Burgundy Transparent, and Blue Transparent.

[URIS id=39764]
A confident frame with an angled European-square eye shape that touches on Italian fashion heritage. The fearless shape stands in contrast to classic colorations with artful updates. This style’s colors include Brown Demi, Blue Navy, Champagne, and Black Matte.

[URIS id=39767]
This frame stands out with a daring deep-square shape. The subtle-but-sui generis suite of colorations includes Butterscotch, Brown Amber Demi, Hunter Transparent, and Black.

[URIS id=39771]
This style features a striking square eye shape. It is available in a creatively refined palette of traditional colorations such as Brown Tortoise, Grey Transparent, Blue Transparent, and Crystal Matte.

[URIS id=39775]
This confident style features a small square eye shape with a keyhole bridge. The matte colorations add suave singularity to a classic set of colors. The frame is available in Brown Tortoise Matte, Grey Matte, Black Matte, and Hunter Transparent Matte.

[URIS id=39780]
This frame is a twist on the square classic with a keyhole bridge. The colorations turn an understated palette into something unique with transparent and matte styles. This model is available in Green Transparent, Brown Tortoise, Grey Transparent, and Caramel Matte.

[URIS id=39785]
A classic P3 shape with a keyhole bridge that comes in a range of colorations from updates on the traditional to expressive pops of saturation. Colors include Blonde Demi, Blue Navy, Hunter Transparent, and Brown Tortoise.

[URIS id=39790]
Italian influence shines through in this angled European-rectangle eye shape. The exciting front is offset by understated twists on traditional colors. These include Black, Caramel Matte, Brown Amber Demi, and Blue Navy.

[URIS id=39795]
This style features a soft, thin round eye shape. The frame’s confidence shines through its unique takes on timeless colors. The frame is available in Burgundy Transparent, Black, Brown Amber Demi, and Crystal Satin.

[URIS id=39797]
This frame maintains a touch of daring with its classic-square eye shape. The style features a suite of colorations that make a statement without being loud. Colors include Brown Demi, Crystal, Black, and Burgundy Transparent.

[URIS id=39800]
The combination of square shape and keyhole bridge makes for a statement frame. This contrasts against colorations that make unique updates to timeless colors. The style is available in Brown Tortoise, Honey Transparent, Blue Transparent, and Black.

[URIS id=39804]
This frame features a large-but-thin round eye shape in several bold colorations. The striking shape is complimented by colorations both unique and classic. This style is available in Blonde Demi, Black, Green Seafoam Transparent, and Burgundy Transparent.

[URIS id=39809]
This style stands out with a feminine, thin-rounded square eye shape. The subtly confident square comes in colorations that range from playfully daring to timeless twists. It pops in Pink Champagne Transparent and Violet Transparent acetate, as well as Brown Amber Demi and Black Crystal Laminate.

[URIS id=39814]
This model with a large almond eye shape comes in various transparent and laminate colorations. Confident and thoughtful updates to timeless colors make this style stand out. It is available in Violet Transparent, Burgundy Transparent, Brown Amber Demi, and Black Crystal Laminate.

[URIS id=39818]
This light model comes with a thin square-butterfly eye shape. The soft and accentuated lines of this shape come in a range of vibrant colorations. Colors include Red Cherry Transparent, Blue Cornflower Transparent, Pink Transparent, and Black Crystal Laminate.

[URIS id=39823]
The exaggerated cat-eye shape of this frame highlights stepped down cutting on the brow line. Classic colors make a statement with bold contrasting temples. The Brown Amber Demi and Black styles feature black temples. The Navy Blue option comes with Tortoise temples and the Burgundy frames include Cherry Red temples.

About ILLA Eyewear:

ILLA is a propriety Italian fashion eyewear brand by ClearVision Optical. The frames are 100% designed-and-crafted in Italy using premium Italian materials. ILLA makes Italian fashion accessible with bold and unique designs that add statement twists to modern and classic shapes and colorations.

About ClearVision Optical:

Founded in 1949, ClearVision Optical is an award-winning leader in the optical industry, designing and distributing eyewear and sunwear for many of today’s top brands. A privately held company, ClearVision is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. ClearVision’s collections are distributed throughout North America and 20 countries around the globe. Licensed and proprietary brands include Revo, ILLA, BCGBGMAXAZRIA, Steve Madden, Jessica McClintock, IZOD, Ocean Pacific, Dilli Dalli, CVO Eyewear, Aspire, ADVANTAGE, BluTech, Ellen Tracy, and more. Visit for more information.

Read more about their brands on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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