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At Mido Milano, we met the offspring of the legend, who has become a legend himself; the amazing Jeremy Miklitarian. We talked about his new collection of ceramic inspired eyewear, his invention on how to embed his old acetate waste into new flashy frame designs and his new Parisian “office”, which he calls his living room and he invited me to visit, which I certainly will.

About Tarian Eyewear

As a child, Jeremy was already taller than his classmates, had a long nose and suffered from high degree myopia. The need for glasses was felt early on. After studying finance, he went back to his first passion: creation. Indeed, it all started when Jeremy was just 10 years old when his mum had the brilliant idea to enrol him on a ceramic course at the Ateliers du Carrousel du Louvre because he didn’t enjoy sports as much as the other boys did.

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The passion still lives on 20 years down the line. Trained at New York’s Parsons School of Design, Jeremy gained experience at ic! Berlin before naturally launching his own brand, Tarian, in 2010, to design his own creations. Jeremy loves colours and raw materials: mixes of acetate shavings for his eyewear, combinations of pigmented clays form marbled ceramics. His world revolves around the commingling of these two passions.

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