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NEUBAU presents a sustainable optical collection made from plant-based material

NEUBAU EYEWEAR invokes the discovery of meaningful values in its new collection “NEW GENERATION EXPLORERS”. This new collection is inspired by the contemporary explorers of the modern day. Made from purely plant-based material natural3D the collection of a total of three optical models has sustainability as its core. With “NEW GENERATION EXPLORERS”, the Austrian premium brand continues to move forward with a pioneering spirit on the path to realizing its vision of being environmentally responsible.

Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (9)
Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (7)
Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (5)
Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (3)

The three sustainable models are presented in four different colors each. In a progressive and innovative manufacturing process, the brand exclusively uses the 100% plant-based material nautral3D. The material innovation is extracted from GMO-free castor oil and processed in a 3D-printing process in the local, resource-efficient production. This specific process allows for an extremely small ecological footprint. Only renewable raw material sources are used and frames are produced in a no-waste method.

Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (2)
Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (1)
Neubau Eyewear New Gen Explorers (4)

With this collection, NEUBAU draws on the new contemporary avant-gardists who are courageous, boundary-pushing, and are continuously striving for intellectual evolution. NEUBAU wants to call to become explorers of modernity with the mission to explore new ways of thinking, coming closer to the vision of responsible stewardship of the earth.

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The optical frames Janis, Fred, and Siggi are available from June 2022 in the colors red, black, olive, teal, and dark teal at a price of 380 Euros.


With “Sustainable Avantgarde” as its credo, Austrian brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR is synonymous with excellent design in the premium eyewear segment, based on the foundations of a sustainable brand philosophy. Since 2016, the committed label has been combining aesthetically designed sunglasses and spectacles with the highest quality standards and dynamic technological innovation.

The brand’s idealism is reflected in its utmost respect for people and the planet, along with its use of bio-based materials and resource-efficient “Handmade in Austria” production. After introducing its 100% bio-based material innovation natural3D, independent company NEUBAU EYEWEAR will continue to focus on the further development of progressive ideas to set new benchmarks in style and sustainability.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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