JF Rey // Hideo Kojima Capsule collection

Jean-François Rey and the famous Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima launch a new capsule collection of glasses striking for their exceptional design, futuristic minded, inspired by the video game DEATH STRANDING: an unexpected collaboration between the world of gaming and the eyewear design.

The line is available in 4 new models, optical and sunglasses, including 2 optical frames equipped with original sunglasses clips (HKxJF01 and HKxJF02), a shell sunglasses model (HKxJF03), and a 3D collector’s mask (LUDENS MASK), flagship piece from the collection offered in a limited and numbered series for gaming enthusiasts (and fans of the brand).



The HKxJF01 model is an entirely handmade metal and acetate frame whose originality lies in the solar clip’ design. Articulated on a ball joint, the clip opens and is fixed on the temples of the frame thanks to a magnet and chrome-plated part. If its design is inspired by the futuristic world of video games, its style is nonetheless modern and totally current, marked by retro influences. The original shape of the glasses gives the model its unique character, a slightly offbeat look. The model is proposed in 3 colors: black, chess graphic pattern, or camouflage. For collectors of atypical and trendy accessories! (390€ TTC / Sunglasses lenses Cat.3)



This model is distinguished by its distinctive design featuring the artistic references to the video game which have inspired the collection. Made of hand-made acetate, the model refers to the retro trend thanks to its solar clip. Perfectly fit on the front, the metal clip redraws the silhouette and gives the frame its urban, modern, and on-trend look. As always at JF REY, the style comes with a search for original colors: black/crystal graphic effect, mottled print with shades of blue and army spirit asserted. (390€ TTC / Sunglasses lenses Cat.3)


ok_LUDENS MASK front

LUDENS MASK is a masterpiece of the collection. It appears in the opening scene of the game Death Stranding with the character of Sam Porter Bridges, played by the famous actor Norman Reedus. This futuristic design was modeled by JF REY Studio and is produced in 3D Printing (SLS Technology). Delivered in a numbered luxury box marked with the emblem of the production house of HIDEO KOJIMA, LUDENS MASK is Collector’s Edition. (499€ TTC)

About Maison Jean-Francois Rey

Known for his quirky collections and differentiating style, Jean-François Rey is one of the first French designers to have revolutionized the codes of eyewear.

At the crossroads of art, architecture, and high technology, he composes shapes, materials and colours to build unique frames that express each person’s personality.

The company is operating from Marseille and has two subsidiaries in the US and Netherlands, a direct distribution in Europe and Japan, and a network of local distributors all around the world.

The main collections are: JF REY – eyewear design, Petite, Kids & Teens, BOZ and VOLTE FACE.

Read more about this amazing brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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