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By far the coolest new brand that I discovered at Mido Milano was the haute couture collection of FATHERSON, which combines the ancient with the modern by integrating precious woven velvet and silks, as worn by the nobles in ancient Florence, with innovative high-fashion eyewear design. Like a “bubble in time” where past and present, or the FATHER and the SON coexist together.

About FatherSon Firenze

The mission of haute-couture eyewear brand FatherSon is to bring to light the ancient made in Italy of excellence in a modern key. They project it into the future through the design of the most eclectic and ever-changing object, “the eyewear”.

As in the Italian Renaissance, the nobles wore precious silks, even now people who love precious and important objects can continue to wear them by characterizing themselves. By combining the ancient with the modern we create a “bubble in time” where past, present and future coexist together.


FatherSon is the first to affix a hand-woven velvet and silk brocade insert to eyewear with a modern design, with frames from the late nineteenth century. Their goal is to bring into the future the ancient works of Italian excellence and the Italian Renaissance, transporting them into fashion in an eclectic way, enhancing the real Made in Italy of excellence, but always in a modern key.

They have called their collection “THE TIME MACHINE 2022” for like true time travellers, they bring into the future what existed in the past but in a contemporary way. They have created a bubble in time where past, present and future coexist at the same instant.

This new brand decided to focus on the people and the country, Italy, and make the most of it in terms of creativity and production that is completely “made in Italy”. This project, which has become a growing reality, was born to realise the dream of Italians who love fabrics and fashion, style, and creativity, with a great desire to bring a little of the Italian stylistic and artistic vision to the world. As an all-Italian brand, they have chosen to invest a lot to keep the manufacturing 100% in Italy.

Read more about this amazing brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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