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This time of the year is always prime time to launch new styles. In normal circumstances, pre-pandemic, we would have been to a few optical shows by now. Either as an exhibitor or a visitor. Nevertheless, throughout the pandemic, many brands have not stopped producing new styles of glasses and Ronit Furst is no different, and yet they are!!!

As we have now stepped into 2022, two years since the pandemic began, many trade shows are continuing to be postponed but come springtime, things will be kicking off once again (hopefully). In the meantime, let’s have a quick sneak peek at what new styles Ronit Furst has brought out for 2022 so far.

Here we go…

Bold extra-large cat-eye style 5063 – the classic style but bigger, bolder and more wow. This timeless style compliments many face shapes and is great for creating an illusion of lifting your cheekbones. This style screams Hollywood glamour but with a more colourful, fun and artistic style as they are all hand-painted. This style comes in 14 variations of colour to choose from.

Ronit Furst - 5063 clear
Ronit Furst - 5063 red
Ronit Furst - 5063 stripe
Ronit Furst - 5063 mellon
Ronit Furst - 5063 zebra
Ronit Furst - 5063 black polka

Round Angular Style 9220 – It is a square shape or is it a round shape? Both, a square with rounded edges and a beautifully curved nose bridge. It may contain that vintage vibe but at the same time, it also has that contemporary feel. Mix it up with a splash of colour and you will have one intriguing looking frame. This model comes in 11 different colours.

Ronit Furst - 9220-8
Ronit Furst - 9220-7
Ronit Furst - 9220-5
Ronit Furst - 9220-4
Ronit Furst - 9220-6
Ronit Furst - 9220-3
Ronit Furst - 9220-1
Ronit Furst - 9220-2

Round Cateye Style 3474 – Unlike its sister (the bold extra-large cat-eye) this round cat-eye offers the wearer a dainty, refined and a more subtle look. It is a timeless design but with a more understated vibe. It is the perfect balance between subtle and bold. This design comes in 12 choices of colour.

Ronit Furst - 3474-6
Ronit Furst - 3474-2
Ronit Furst - 3474-3
Ronit Furst - 3474-7
Ronit Furst - 3474-4
Ronit Furst - 3474-1
Ronit Furst - 3474-5

Bold Square Style 5031 – A very square and yet not completely angular frame with a bold rim to really emphasise that geek chic vibe. Even though whenever consumers think of geek chic, they may immediately think of black frames but not with Ronit Furst. They come in 10 different hand-painted colours.

Ronit Furst - 3474-6
Ronit Furst - 3474-2
Ronit Furst - 3474-3
Ronit Furst - 3474-7
Ronit Furst - 3474-4
Ronit Furst - 3474-1
Ronit Furst - 3474-5

Round butterfly Style 5040 – The butterfly shape is quite a retro style, a classic shape that gets revamped time after time. It looks like Ronit Furst has done the same for 2022. Their take on it goes rounder, bolder on the rim and then even bolder at the edge of the rim. This subtle butterfly style comes in 10 beautiful hand-painted colours.

Ronit Furst - 5040-6
Ronit Furst - 5040-4
Ronit Furst - 5040-1
Ronit Furst - 5040-7
Ronit Furst - 5040-2
Ronit Furst - 5040-3
Ronit Furst - 5040-5

Bold round cat-eye Style 5042 – when we see this shape, it probably reminds us of that 50’s breakfast at Tiffany vibe. A deep dramatic round shape with a slight cat-eye at the edge. Unlike the iconic version worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie, this style from Ronit Furst comes in 14 show-stopping colours and designs to really bring the 2022 vibe to this iconic shape.

Ronit Furst - 5042-6
Ronit Furst - 5042-4
Ronit Furst - 5042-1
Ronit Furst - 5042-2
Ronit Furst - 5042-3
Ronit Furst - 5042-5

Large round cat-eye style 5044 – this frame is a cat-eye with a twist. It is round with a bolder nose bridge and an even bolder edge on either side of the frame to really frame the wearer’s face. To add the extra wow factor to the frame, Ronit Furst have created 14 unconventional colours and designs to go with this shape.
Last but not least, the classic Square style 5023 – a strong square shape that is slightly angular with an extra prominent bold edge on either side of the frame to give this frame a more artistic vibe. This style comes in 12 stunning colours.

Ronit Furst - 5044-6
Ronit Furst - 5044-7
Ronit Furst - 5044-5
Ronit Furst - 5044-3
Ronit Furst - 5044-2
Ronit Furst - 5044-4
Ronit Furst - 5044-1

If your practice is in need of some fresh new eyewear or some eyewear that has bags full of colour and fun, then look no further than the Ronit Furst 2022 range.

About Ronit Furst Eyewear

In 2001, Ronit Furst, a sculptor and ceramic artist, searched for unique eyeglasses, but couldn’t find any. Her artistic spirit was not ready to settle for a conventional design, which was the only available option in optical shops. She bought a clear frame, took some colours and started painting. Her vision came to life in what was about to become the first-ever Ronit Furst Eyewear design. The compliments weren’t late to follow, and the requests from people started pouring in.
Ehud Bibring, Ronit’s husband recognized the business potential and after a thorough study on the manufacturing of acetate hand-painted eyewear, they established a company and factory, and named it Art Optic Ltd.

Throughout the years, Ronit Furst Eyewear has let their designs speak for themselves – No extensive marketing budget, flashy commercials or big-name brand ambassadors. They found their audience through unique artistic expressions that drew genuine interest.

Later on, their sons – Tom and Yoel – joined their venture in marketing and production roles. Today, Ronit Furst is an internationally established eyewear brand, known for its trend-setter multicolour design, showcased in over 1000 boutique optical shops in North America, Australia, South Africa, UK and of course – Israel. Most employees have been a part of the company from the very beginning and became family – even Freud the dog, that can usually be seen happily wiggling his tail around the factory.

Read more about this colourful brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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Author: Siu-Yin ShingEyewear blogger Siu based in the UK and blogs about all things glasses! Her previous experience was in fashion PR/Marketing but now she tries to bridge the gap between glasses and fashion!

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