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Essential in the women’s collections of the Maison Jean-François Rey, the brand VOLTE FACE conveys the idea of French elegance, delivering singular, refined and always very detailed pieces. It has the unique know-how, like the large jewelry houses, revealing simple shapes into exceptional frames.

The brand’s identity is built around creative researches on the effects of acetate material, color harmonies and decorative assemblies, always favoring a handmade quality in the best French and Italian manufactures. The creation comes with a Mazzucchelli’ exclusive partnership allowing the brand to constantly renew the models in infinitely varied palettes.

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The F/W 2021 collection is all about creative diversity in colors and acetate materials, delivering to the glance beautifully artistic compositions. It consists of 14 models which bring to light the exceptional achievement on the acetate, while taking care, always, to work every detail. The color charts are subtle and deliver rich and unprecedented crystalline gradients, always going further and further in pastels, shades hues and combinations of refined tints. More assertive shapes, geometric acetate collages and fashion color ranges imbued with contemporary influences: the style of the new collection evolves towards more modernity and delivers a dynamic, insured and sensual look.


Made in France, these three new models are designed around colorful harmonies, soft and vibrant sensuality. They are distinguished by their geometric outline, brought to light by a work of colored asymmetry on the acetate materials. Subtle and distinctive, it is achieved thanks to a two-dimensional bonding technique bringing unique effects of fades, tones extremely nuanced in the gradations and crystalline transparencies. The collection appeals with unique brilliant bright and offers a range of refined and deliciously feminine shades. A harmonious marriage of shape and color, always lead by a touch of modernity.



This line offers an elegant and extremely refined combination of metal and acetate. It consists of 4 distinct shapes, beautifully crafted in the spirit of minimalist geometry, with great precision and high stylistic ambition. Deeply embedded in the brand’s DNA, the creativity of materials and colors is a bias that can be found here in every detail: complex laminations in the corner of the eyes, bold cutting of the frame lug, and jewel temples worked in volume. The design calls on the best French and Italian know-hows, both on materials and techniques, with the same requirements of production quality and finish. The refreshing aesthetics of the models is carried by contrasting multicolored ranges and intense bright giving the collection its modern and singular spirit. New models that set the look and the allure apart.



Crafted in the best factories in Italy, these 3 combined metal/acetate frames cultivate the oppositions of styles in materials and colors. They are distinguished by their design punctuated on the face by a concentric assembly alternating acetate circle and metal contour. From this technical and very original construction is born a rich and dynamic play of colors that Fanélie Colomb, designer of the brand, chose to explore in soft, refined and very feminine tones. The thin temples, profiled in a hexagonal volume, are adorned with a jewel decoration in order to complete the sophisticated design of the models.


About Volte Face

Between modernity and classicism, the VOLTE FACE collection reveals the attention to detail through the chiseled materials, metal and acetate decorations, shiny effects, transparencies, and powdered colors inspired by the craftsmanship of jewelry, decorative arts, haute couture, and contemporary art.

About Maison Jean-Francois Rey

Known for his quirky collections and differentiating style, Jean-François Rey is one of the first French designers to have revolutionized the codes of eyewear. At the crossroads of art, architecture, and high technology, he composes with shapes, materials and color to build unique frames that express each person’s personality.

The company is operating from Marseille and has two subsidiaries in the US and Netherlands, a direct distribution in Europe and Japan, and a network of local distributors all around the world. The main collections are: JF REY – eyewear design, Petite, Kids & Teens, BOZ and VOLTE FACE.

Read more about this amazing brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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