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Flying Eyes Optics launches their first line of optical frames specifically for use under helmets and headsets. The initial launch includes four styles: Noctua, Athene, Otus, and Luzon. Each frame style features their patented temple technology and optional magnetic clip-on sunglass lenses.

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This line is in direct response to overwhelming requests from customers since the brand launched. Today about 75 percent of adults need some sort of vision correction and only around 11 percent of them wear contacts. While all of the original Flying Eyes sunglasses are prescription compatible, the new ophthalmic line allows customers to enjoy the same level of comfort with stronger prescription lenses, or beyond just sunny days.

Flying Eyes eyewear was invented by a pilot to be the world’s most comfortable glasses while wearing helmets or headsets. All Flying Eyes glasses include a ResilamideTM frame made from advanced polymers. Their 1mm thin, super-flexible temples eliminate pain and noise leaks while wearing noise-cancelling headsets. They’re also far lighter than other eyewear frames and yet far more durable. Prescription compatible and UV blocking, they’re perfect for pilots, motorcyclists, first responders, equestrians, gamers, and anyone else who wears a helmet or headset.

  • Modern headsets and helmets are very tight-fitting and leave little or no room for eyewear. Since 2013 we’ve been the only company to offer sunglasses that truly fit under helmets and headsets without any pressure or pain. We’re really excited to finally offer the same amazing fit with prescription eyeglasses too!

The optional magnetic clip-on sunglass fronts are non-polarized which is rare in the eyewear industry. Polarization may be good for fishing and snowboarding, but it’s not allowed in aircraft cockpits because they don’t allow for clear viewing of modern avionics, or spotting traffic. Polarization is also bad for motorcyclists as it prevents them from seeing dangerous oil slicks on the road.

About Summer Hawk Optics, Inc.

Founded in 2013, Summer Hawk Optics, Inc. is located in central Texas. Their highly experienced engineers and designers work together to create its line of Flying Eyes eyewear that is supremely comfortable with or without a headset/helmet. This makes Flying Eyes perfect for work or play. Dean Siracusa, founder and CEO, is passionate about aviation and has been a pilot for more than 20 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, photographer and adventurer.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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