Colibris // Great Glasses For Small Faces

Marilyn is wearing Sola, an on-trend frame design from the stainless steel collection of Colibris. This Italian-made frame has a lacquer with a cut-out on the top corner of the rim, exposing the beautiful colour of the metal as a design element.

Colibris Eyewear
TEF BRILLEN (023-062) - 13 mei 2021 - MARC DE FOTOGRAAF - 2664 x 4000 - WEB - 2
Colibris Eyewear
TEF BRILLEN (061-161) - 30 januari 2000 - MARC DE FOTOGRAAF - 4160 x 6240 - WEB - 3

Sola offers the wearer great comfort with a spring hinge, adjustable acetate temple tips, and the lightness of a delicate stainless steel frame. The model is size 49-18, temple length 135 and comes in 8 colour combinations:

Sola 1.202
Sola 1.801
Sola 2.1201
Sola 1.201
Sola 1.902
Sola 1.802
Sola 101
Sola 3.701
Sola 1.901
Sola 301
Sola 3.402
Sola 3.401
Sola 2.1202
Sola 302
Sola 102
Sola 3.702

Colibris Eyewear says it all with its tagline “Great glasses for small faces”. Handcrafted petite eyewear straight from Germany.

Colibris Eyewear
TEF BRILLEN (090-161) - 30 januari 2000 - MARC DE FOTOGRAAF - 4160 x 6240 - WEB - 3
TEF BRILLEN (057-161) - 30 januari 2000 - MARC DE FOTOGRAAF - 4160 x 6240 - WEB - 3 crop
TEF BRILLEN (062-161) - 30 januari 2000 - MARC DE FOTOGRAAF - 4160 x 6240 - WEB - 3

About Colibris

The name Colibris is really a tribute to the hummingbird. Colibris are both small and beautiful. The attribute that is perhaps most astounding is that they have no fear of humans! These birds are small but mighty and pretty but tough! We can’t think of a better name for a collection made for women with small faces.

You won’t find another brand of glasses that so unapologetically fashions its collection to serve a group of people that are in fact severely underserved by other eyewear brands. A great many eyewear brands cater to the masses. This means predictable styles for the “average” person. Sometimes eyewear manufacturers sprinkle a few petite styles with little focus on fashion or function.

Colibris petite glasses have an amazing collection of eyewear that focuses on classic styles in a myriad of colors. Their eye sizes are as small as 44 with a maximum of 51. The temples fit around the ears perfectly and the bridge comfortably nestles the nose. Colibris also has a nice collection of petite sunglasses including petite aviators.

Read more about this beautiful German brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesALKMAAR
Eyewear: Sola by Colibris
Model: Marilyn de Beurs, optician & Blogger
Photographer: Marc de Fotograaf

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