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Did you read a lot of comic books as a kid, and dreamt of being a spy? Maybe you even bought some X-ray-vision frames that promised shooting lasers at the amazing retail price of only $3,99. You probably got disappointed back then, but check out these cool “SPY” frames, which Annaliese is rocking in London today! This Spion frame by the Swiss brand Einstoffen only promises to keep UV-rays away from your precious eyes and to make you look like a jet-setting international person of mystery. It’s humble like that.


For lovers of delicate shapes and urban trendsetters alike, these «hybrid» acetate sunglasses combine the best qualities of their various components. The front is made from beautifully patterned Italian acetate, the temples have been carved from richly textured wood or they are made from metal, often with subtle micro-engravings. The best of both worlds, with a keen eye for trendsetting and a soft spot for people on a tight budget.

The “Spion” (German for Spy) comes in 5 beautiful colours, from serene transparent and smoke to vibrant Havanas and florals:

Einstoffen - Spion - Transparent
Einstoffen - Spion - Smoke
Einstoffen - Spion - Blue Havana
Einstoffen - Spion - Classic Havana
Einstoffen - Spion - Floral

About the brand

Where the raw nature of the alps meets the urban lifestyle of the Metropolis.

Einstoffen. is a young, innovative brand from Switzerland. In 2008, they set out to connect the worlds of street fashion and eyewear. They create highly personal objects for individualists who value style, yet have never lost their ability to laugh at themselves. Inspired by movies, music, art, and nature, Einstoffen combines elements that they believe to fit together: textile, stone and wood, new trends and classic designs, crazy ideas and strict quality consciousness.

Nature acts as a co-designer in each pair of Einstoffen specs. Each and every frame is as unique as the tree or rock it was cut from. They love the playful interaction between different colours, grains and textures in nature. The beauty of the original material is often stunning. To give the product the attention it deserves, each of their frames is handmade. Their passion belongs to natural materials such as wood or stone. They are the main components for that organic Einstoffen-look. Nevertheless, they do love experimenting with other materials as well because embracing the new and different enables us to create exciting and unusual designs.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesLONDON
Eyewear: Spion in Floral by Einstoffen
Model: Annaliese Dayes, model and presenter at 100% Optical London

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