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Let your Eyewear Shine!

The Dutch Design-driven Top Vision Instore recently introduced a completely new in-store solution to display eyewear. Their Carré shelving system has a minimalistic design, that gives you the freedom and flexibility to create and recreate dynamic retail experiences.

Anna Bach, sales agent to the French avant-garde brand Emmanuelle Khanh, experienced their new eyewear display system first hand in their showroom in Haarlem and was excited to see her beautiful collection “shine”:

“Top Vision has integrated a unique state-of-the-art LED lighting system to their new Carré steel shelving units. Intelligent chipsets are used to individually highlight your luxury eyewear using (20) spotlights of balanced light per displayed frame — “Letting your Eyewear Shine!

I was fortunate to utilise the Carré system and learn its benefits firsthand via my French eyewear brand Emmanuelle Khanh. Proudly produced in the Jura region of France, EK is known for rich colourful acetates and proper display is key to highlighting this attribute.

It was a revelation to see the frames and signature EK acetates perfectly illuminated in their truest colours.”

“The balanced lighting accentuates each frame as a masterpiece! As an added bonus, the Carré system allows you to easily customise/brand your collections via modular backlight boxes. Thanks to Top Vision, I see my collections at their very best and I am reminded of the importance proper display & lighting has in the luxury shop environment.”

Anna Bach – Agent Heritage Brands Emmanuelle Khanh The Netherlands

Interested in how to integrate their new systems in your own store, as a whole new concept or just a corner for specific collections, find out more at their website, or schedule a 30 minutes “Carré product meeting” via a live Zoom call or at their showroom in The Netherlands.

About Top Vision Instore

For more than 30 years, Top Vision has been creating sophisticated designed columns for lockable and nonlockable eyewear presentations.
In this new decade, they want to present a completely new in-store system and creating the best podium for your eyewear.

Simplicity, functionality elegance are the calling cards for their new design.
A neutral, characteristic, minimalistic versatile assortment, that will make your eyewear shine!

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