Kirk & Kirk // New Limited Edition Line

New for Spring, Kirk and Kirk releases their latest super-limited collection frames.

Based on the Matte Centena Collection, there are only thirty sets available to independent opticians worldwide. Three shapes – Sam, Jarvis and Horace – in three never-before-released colours – Matte Cadillac, Matte Prince and Matte Stone. Handmade in France from our own unique grade of Italian acrylic, these frames look chunky but weigh next to nothing so they are extra-comfortable.

Kirk and Kirk - LtdEdition_Horace in matte stone
LtdEdition_Horace in matte purple
Kirk and Kirk - LtdEdition_Horace in matte cadillac
LtdEdition_Percy in matte stone
Kirk and Kirk - LtdEdition_Sam in matte cadillac
Kirk and Kirk - LtdEdition_Sam in matte prince
Kirk and Kirk - LtdEdition_Sam in matte stone

About Kirk and Kirk

When brothers Sidney and Percy Kirk set up Kirk Brothers in 1919, they could not have envisaged the unique circumstances that are unfolding around us today. A pandemic, regional and national lockdowns, and Brexit have transformed the optical landscape, like so many other industries.

In most countries, opticians remain open and allowed to trade but consumers are hesitant about face-to-face contact, so opticians need something special to entice customers through the door. The British designers have answered the call with a steady flow of new releases to inspire and excite glasses wearers around the world. As well as limited edition specials, regularly adding new shapes and colours to their Kaleidoscope, Centena, and Matte Centena collections have helped the company grow over the last twelve months, with a presence in 35 countries.

The British brand has developed its own acrylic for use in the construction of all their frames. Acrylic is an extremely durable and light material that, uniquely, does not lose adjustment or stretch out over time. A seemingly endless array of color is possible through acrylic that is not possible through acetate, the traditional material for eyewear.

Through their use of German five-barreled hinges in their frames, they add strength to the construction of the frame. Comfort is added through integral nose pads: a large nose pad surface for even weight distribution around the bridge. All frames are constructed from start to finish in one factory in France with frequent in-person quality control by Jason Kirk himself.

Read more about this beautiful French brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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