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Athena (aka Dr. Brasfield) is wearing a stylish cat-eye from the Karen Simonsen collab collection of the Danish brand Prego Eyewear. To ensure optimal comfort, these sunglasses in Shiny Gold have been made out of a light-weight alloy. When buying these glasses, you contribute to the collection of 4 kg of ocean-bound plastic.


This collection is based on Karen Simonsen’s unique style and universe combined with Prego’s many years of experience with quality and fit. The collection focuses on colors, details, and style, while giving you a sunglass that fits your eyes well. The collaboration with Karen Simonsen continues to be a cornerstone of their business and a collaboration they treasure very highly.

prego eyewear

This model, called Silvi is comes in the colours Dull Cantaloupe and Shiny Gold and is available as a sunglass as well as an optical frame with a blue lens filter.  To ensure optimal comfort, the temples have spring hinges and ends that allow for individual adjustment.

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About Prego Eyewear

The designers at Prego Eyewear believe in slow fashion. Glasses that last. And glasses with attitude. They combine trends with fit, making their frame designs both experimental as classic, guaranteeing a fashionable frame that will last for many years.


Prego glasses and sunglasses are made with the wearer’s face and nose in mind. Both for daily use of the glasses and for durability. Because when a frame sits well, you also want to use them a lot and take care of them – and then you can enjoy them for many years.

Imagine your favourite shoes. The couple you always swear by when you walk out the door. This is how we promise you, you get it with glasses from PREGO. And when we humans are happy with something, we automatically take better care of it. This means glasses that last for many years because the glasses are made of quality materials and in a good and durable design.

Prego and sustainability

With PREGO you only get sustainable glasses and sunglasses, to take the best care of the environment and our planet. In their opinion, it is natural to take responsibility when you are an international company.


Therefore, they have entered a partnership with Plastic Bank, which does its utmost to ensure a more sustainable future by collecting plastic before it ends up in the oceans. They stand together with big brands like IBM, HUGO BOSS and Henkel to remove ocean-bound plastic.

The partnership with Plastic Bank is very close to their hearts, and the team takes pride in working together with strong brands like IBM, HUGO BOSS and Henkel to remove plastic from the oceans through a powerful organization such as Plastic Bank. Only by teaming up, they can really make a difference. Every single time you buy a pair of PREGO sustainable glasses, you help us prevent plastic from ending up in the oceans.

Shooting: TEFdoesCALI
Eyewear: Silvi by Prego Eyewear
Model: Athena Brasfield, optometrist and eyewear influencer at Dr. Brasfield

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