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Three times a year, the printed optical magazine Eyeline reaches out to TEF for an updated trend report on the upcoming season. Naturally, we don’t want to hold out on the eyewear trends 2021 to you all! In terms of fashion trends, it was a somewhat difficult year to follow. The Milan fashion week was one of the few shows that still took place, but luckily there were many new initiatives online because the show must go on, especially in this optical arena.

Two contradicting trends are obvious this season; the super oversized frames, which are a clear signal to the current virus situation, but also very small frames, inspired by the famous Matrix glasses. In addition, there were of course plenty of real fashion trends, which we would like to present here. (hover over images to see the brand name).

Eyeglass necklaces

Thick pearls, creative plastic, lots of gold and even neon. Spectacle chains have officially received the high-fashion quality mark. For a while, the trend was exclusive to your grandma, but this season retro style got the chic revival it deserved, and eyeglass necklaces have officially evolved from strictly functional to fully fashionable. Designers have revamped the accessory with metal, strings, pearls, feathers and beads to take your look up a notch.

Otis LondonOtis London
Coti VisionCoti Vision
Emmanuelle KhahnEmmanuelle Khahn
Caroline AbramCaroline Abram

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Orris London, Caroline Abram, Coti Vision, Emmanuelle Khahn

Back to the 60s

This season, the trend for retro eyewear, especially those inspired by the 60s, is making a big comeback. Thick frames, different shapes and retro designs can be found everywhere. The 60s are known for breaking fashion standards and traditions and offer many influences to be inspired by. The tumultuous decade was directly related to how people chose to express themselves through style. This is reflected in reinvented frames with a somewhat futuristic look.

Blake KuwaharaBlake Kuwahara
Caron EyewearCaron Eyewear

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Philosopheyes, Blake Kuwahara, Silhouette, Caron Eyewear

Big, Bold & Chunky

Thick-rimmed frames are an absolute must this season, and preferably in bold and bright colours or even a mix of colours for a real glam statement. But the emphasis in this trend is even more on the temples, which make the frame almost a shield, offering protection against the current pandemic. Designed with both round and square lenses, these frames can be fitted to virtually any face and give the wearer a sense of protection and confidence.

Neubau EyewearNeubau Eyewear
Emmanuelle KhahnEmmanuelle Khahn
Gazal EyewearGazal Eyewear
Blake KuwaharaBlake Kuwahara

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Neubau Eyewear, Emmanuelle Khahn, Gazal Eyewear, Blake Kuwahara

Cat-Eyes frames

The cat-eye is undoubtedly an eternal shape when it comes to eyewear. This season, the cat-eye gets a modern update by narrowing the lenses to create a more dynamic, angular look. Cat-eye frames are sexy yet serious and portray a decisive woman who knows what she wants. And after the lock-down, we are sure to see a lot of women who want to get out there and show off their style. And they all know that there is nothing better than a Cat-eye frame to do this!

Miyagi EyewearMiyagi Eyewear
Pugnale OcchialiPugnale Occhiali
Erkers 1879Erkers 1879

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Miyagi Eyewear, Pugnale Eyewear, Erkers 1879, Silhouette

Colour Galore glasses

Whether this is because we have been inside for too long, or want to make a statement behind the annoying mouth mask, but in the coming season they are ready to experiment with colourful glasses. Multi-coloured frames are the emerging eyewear trend and bring fun into fashion, especially in the warmer months. By matching with clothing, a coloured frame strongly shows someone’s personality and is ideal for both a street photo or to stand in the spotlight for a while.

JF Rey Eyewear DesignJF Rey Eyewear Design
Laibach & YorkLaibach & York
Markus TMarkus T
Johann von GoisernJohann von Goisern

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: JF Rey, Laibach & York, Markus T, Johann von Goisern

Geometrically shaped glasses

Geometric frames are moving towards a more subtle and simpler design and are a perfect touch of sharpness in a design. Similar to rim-less frames, geometric frames are designed purely for artful appeal, letting you show off your quirky side. Fashionable, stunning and sleek shapes such as octagon, hexagon, square and rectangle make these frames ideal for accentuating the facial features, especially for people with a round face.

OGI SeraphinOGI Seraphin
Neon BerlinNeon Berlin
Loewe EyewearLoewe Eyewear

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Ogi Seraphin, Neon Berlin, Loewe, Henau

Oversized eyewear

2021 is all about style and protection, and there’s nothing better than an oversized frame to achieve this. There’s nothing like a big and beautiful frame to give the designers so much more room to do what they want. By keeping it simple and minimalistic or going over the top with all the frills, they can still show the wearer’s eyes. Just as boyfriend jeans and oversized windbreakers are the hot items for 2021, oversized frames are the hottest accessory to add to your everyday outfit.

Pugnale EyewearPugnale Eyewear
Linderg EyewearLinderg Eyewear
FHone EyewearFHone Eyewear
Düsseldorf EyewearDüsseldorf Eyewear

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Pugnale, Lindberg, FHone, Düsseldorf Eyewear

Retro Round frames

The nostalgic feel of round retro frames will also be very popular in 2021 and are ideal for a square or rectangular face. An oversized round frame symbolizes creative free spirits and draws attention to the face. Smaller variants may be a bit more elegant, but of course, you can always choose a slightly more striking colour to make sure you will be remembered. This year we see added glamour from coloured thin metal rims and new innovations from transparent acetate frames.

Blake KuwaharaBlake Kuwahara
Frank CustomsFrank Customs
Nathalie BlancNathalie Blanc
Mexx EyesMexx Eyes

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Blake Kuwahara, Frank Customs, Nathalie Blanc, Mexx Eyes

Sci-fi small Spectacles

No longer futuristic, but from an alternative universe called Fashion. This style was popular in the 50s and 90s among fashionable and daring people and is completely on-trend again. Unlike the futuristic mini frames we know from The Matrix, the contemporary editions are super slim and accentuate a sleek silhouette. This year will be an indispensable accessory for any fashionista, so you can count on more innovative products coming out the same line will come.

Lara D' EyewearLara D' Eyewear
Markus TMarkus T
Neubau EyewearNeubau Eyewear

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Lara D’ Eyewear, Markus T, Neubau Eyewear

Thin Rims Retros

There is little more elegant than beautiful glasses with a thin rim. Metal frames with a thin rim in shiny silver, gold and rose gold can be combined with many outfits to create an intelligent and stylish look. This iconic frame follows the other trends in terms of shape and is therefore available this season in different shapes and sizes in a varied colour palette.

Ryan AddaRyan Adda
Erkers 1879Erkers 1879
Look OcchialiLook Occhiali

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Ryan Adda, Erkers 1879, Silhouette, Look Occhiali

Whites & Clears glasses

White and transparent materials caught the attention of designers who used them in various fashionable designs: bags with beads, white shoes, transparent trench coats. The neutral colour scheme is a great choice, making it easy to pair with all your favourite outfits, and glasses follow this direction. White and transparent frames are one of the top trends of this coming season and look impressive on both men and women as a beautiful accessory with an ultra-modern look.

Blake KuwaharaBlake Kuwahara
Kirk and KirkKirk and Kirk
Frank CustomsFrank Customs
Neubau EyewearNeubau Eyewear

Brands Eyewear Trends 2021: Blake Kuwahara, Kirk and Kirk, Frank Customs, Neubau Eyewear

I hope these pictures have inspired you to add some great eye accessories to your outfits for the upcoming season. If so, send us a pic in the comments!

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