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Even though Anastasia’s is dressed for the cold Moscow winter winds, this beautiful frame by Free Land BCN brings a touch of smart, cosmo-Mediterranean looks. Its individual shapes of a stainless steel based style are combined with subtle warm pastel acetate structured colours, which really make you feel summer, which allows her to escape the grey and let in the shine again.

Free Land Eyewear - TEF Magazine (10)
Free Land Eyewear - TEF Magazine (2)
Free Land Eyewear - TEF Magazine (12)
Free Land Eyewear - TEF Magazine (9)

If you like surprises, feast your eyes on this: the brand-new FREE LAND label – Barcelona Art Design inspires with pure Mediterranean lust for life and delights in the expressive interplay of colours and material combinations. Stainless steel is combined with acetate laminates, matching unconventional horn structures with bold colours such as turquoise, honey, or berry.

75413028 Free Land Eyewear
75413027 Free Land Eyewear

The designer couple Carmen and Joan develop all the FREE LAND frames and the equally vibrant POS presentations in their creative workshop in the heart of the Catalonian capital, Barcelona. The result: a magical collection which perfectly supplements manufacturer VISIBILIA’s portfolio.

Free Land Eyewear - TEF Magazine (5)
TEF Magazine Moscow
TEF Magazine Moscow
Free Land Eyewear - TEF Magazine (3)

About Free Land BCN

Free Land is based on two words that mean a lot to Carmen and Joan: freedom and nature. From the beginning, the creative duo have felt free to create their designs, to represent their beliefs and feelings. Their creative process involves looking around them, which isn’t such a bad thing to do in a city as Barcelona. There they get inspired by the small details, sometimes almost imperceptible, that nature provides them, to bring diversity, polychromy, and richness to their designs.

​References to Barcelona are not far behind. This great coastal city saw them take the first steps in creating what is now Free Land Barcelona and they thank the city for its vitality and freshness.

They create their glasses for people who believe in this philosophy and share their way of doing things. Frames that will make you feel good about yourselves and become part of those things you love.

Shooting: TEFdoesMOSCOW
Eyewear: 75413 by Free Land BCN via VISIBILIA
Model: Anastasia Dyuzhenkova, eyewear influencer at Nastya I Ochki

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