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A rainy day in London town doesn’t hold Annaliese back from adding some colour to her life. She is out and about, come rain come shine, enjoying life wearing this beautiful colourful panto frame from the Ultralight 1.4 collection of Imago Eyewear.

Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear

This model is called Endor and made out of a combination of stainless steel and Ultem. It’s a new design, which will be launched in February 2021 in six different radient colours. This frame design is high-tech at its finest with a punchy look is what this frame is radiating and with its sublime lightness, it truly creates a powerful statement.

Imago Eyewear

A sensationally lightweight product is achieved through the new high-tech material ULTEM. Ultem is extremely resistant against heat and solvents. As eyewear designers, our focus lies, along with its technical properties, especially on Ultem’s aesthetics and lightness. Fusing Ultem with ultra-thin medical steel, we have created unique, technically sophisticated, consummately designed eyewear.


Imago Eyewear – the name says it all

Imago comes from Latin and means vision, idea, imagination, shape and form, and this is exactly how we work. Their idea of vision is first and foremost one of creativity. Their designers believe that without vision there is no creativity, and without creativity, there is no progress.

The idea is always the starting point – perhaps at first only vague, obscure, or fragmentary – but during meetings and discussions of our designers and technicians it becomes a clear concept.

From this concept, Imago develops an object (prototype), which is then honed into a perfect shape.It sounds like such a simple process, but it is also in a way a difficult one. After 26 years in the business, coming up with something new and exciting every time is a challenge they relish.

Shooting: TEFdoesLONDON
Eyewear: Endor by Imago Eyewear
Model: Annaliese Dayes, model and presenter at 100% Optical London

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