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Next up on our list of Amazing Eyewear, Made in France is the Parisian luxury eyewear house Nathalie Blanc Paris, who have been positioning themselves as an “haute couture” brand mixing tradition with a modern approach. Made with artistry in one of the most prestigious French factories founded by Jean Lempereur in the 60s, the brand combines the finest materials, such as Mazzucchelli Italian acetate and 22k gold with high-quality design.

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Their latest Campaign “Nouvelle Ere” adds 15 new designs, embodying the state of mind and desire of a chic Parisian woman in her apartment during the confinement. With a variety of colors in a subtle palette, delicate frames, and detailed temples, the collection is designed for women and unisex customers.


Raw and masculine yet delicate and elegant, that is how to best describe their 12 shapes from their Monsieur Blanc collection, which is dedicated exclusively to men.

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Monsieur Blanc is made in France with the finest materials, such as Japanese and Italian acetate, custom Japanese beta-titanium, 3D faces, and 22 k cold metal. The first Campaign “Le Premier Homme” featuring Hugo Marchand, a Parisian Opera Ballet principal dancer.


About maison nathalie blanc

In 2015, Nathalie Blanc launched her first eponymous eyewear brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, with the desire to create comfort for the complexity and individuality of each nose and face. Nathalie Blanc Paris, the luxury brand of eyewear, rose quickly to set itself apart from the rest of the industry with its innovation, its impeccable craftsmanship, and the finest materials. The same year, after succeeding in modernizing and sublimating the look of men and women, Nathalie Blanc launches a youthful, edgy, and contemporary collection for teenagers that she names ”Blanc…”

In Fall 2020, the company expands and rebrands with the name Maison Nathalie Blanc. The same year, Maison Nathalie Blanc launches Monsieur Blanc, a collection dedicated to men, and restructures Nathalie Blanc Paris to women and unisex collection. ’’Blanc…” is now designed to appeal to young adults.

French excellence

Nathalie Blanc Paris collection epitomizes French excellence in design and craftsmanship. All frames are designed in the Parisian workshop and manufactured in the Jura region, the birthplace of the French eyeglass industry. For generations, these skilled artisans have been crafting the world finest eyewear.

In 2018, this combination of a pure design, unique details, fine materials and French craftsmanship made Maison Nathalie Blanc wins the Special Jury Prize “Silmo d’Or”, a prestigious award for innovation and creation at Silmo Paris, the World Optics Fair. It won with the iconic model “Suzanne” competing with major international brands.

In 2020, Nathalie Blanc Paris won another “Silmo d’Or” in the category Sunglasses “Eyewear Designer” with the “CHUPA 363”.

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