Etnia Barcelona // Terra, Schoolhouse

Etnia Barcelona‘s Terra, Schoolhouse stands out for its ergonomic design, comfort, high quality and adapts to the needs of children at any age.


The collection is broken into two categories: KIDO, which is made up of six unisex eyeglass models (Chip, Tom, Zazu, Elsa, Timon and Peter) and designed with metal and acetate.

[URIS id=28026]

And Y/A, which is made up of seven unisex eyeglass models (Bob, Sally, Mario, Hipo, Lisa, Milu and Stitch) and designed from Mazzuchelli natural acetate.

[URIS id=28033]

Terra, Schoolhouse is an optimistic campaign that also compels young ones to get back to the basics of life, the earth under our toes, through a collection made up of two worlds.

Free press release: Etnia Barcelona

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