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Let’s kick of our list of “Amazing Eyewear – Made in France” with a pretty new brand, ALF. No, not that extraterastrial wookiee from the 80s with an apatite for raw cats. Lunettes ALF is a new French eyewear brand which name stands for “Atelier de Lunetterie Français”, founded by the Bouchara brothers; Germain and Alexis. Together they had the idea to create a collection of discrete but elegant luxury glasses. Glasses which would highlight their  artisan know-how and technical skills. And so, Alf was born.

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ALF is a red thread of artisanal prowess embodied by a real red thread woven by hand on every pair of glasses as a gauge of French quality and singularity. Far from eccentricities and faithful to a timeless aesthetic, alf draws inspiration from the first “jolies lunettes”. Sober and minimalistic, they first appeared in the 20s and made glasses a full-fledged fashion accessory.

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ALF glasses are designed in their Parisian workshop and handmade by skilled craftsmen in Normandy, France. The materials used are Japanese acetate, anti-reflection photochromic mineral glass, real leather for the cord and case.

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 Their sunglasses are equipped with anti-reflective mineral lenses and are photochromic.

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Brand story

ALF is the story of two brothers who wanted to use their expertise to offer irreproachable quality, optimal comfort, and simple elegance, at every instant. Alexis is part of the world of optics and was trained at the “Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers” (School of the best workers in France eyewear), while Germain was making unique experiences in the environment of management in marketing.

Inspired by frames from the 20s to 50s era, the design team takes the best shapes from that period and transforms it to a more modern aproach in style and personality. At the beginning, a small collection of sunglasses was born, refined, timeless pieces. Easy to wear, and with sharp craftsmanship.  A “lunette à porter” for all occasions, the loins of eccentric vintages, which is principle that both Germain as Alexis always wear with great pleasure, even with the passing years.

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