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A huge product upgrade at our friends of Le Kevin! We loved their existing universal glasses holders, which are considered the stylish staple accessory kind to frames and fashionistas. But with their new line, you can truly stand out and be totally unique? You can be now, with their new Free Spirit line!

On a made-to-order basis Le Kevin has curated 8 luxury limited edition ranges. There are at least 4 variations to each bespoke theme and even then can be entirely customised for the individual end user. Each capsule range is curated and made from the finest materials in white gold, pure white gold, inox, precious metals, precious stones, carbon fibre, leather or stainless steel.


Free Spirit by Le Kevin is available to order only from Le Kevin London directly. The order timeline is 8 weeks and POA [subject to embellishments].

These stand-alone exclusive concepts are primarily B2C but for Eyewear Designers or Optical Stores looking for exclusive in-house designs, Le Kevin offers a separate fully branded bespoke B2B unique design and COMPLETE manufacture service from conception to completion only working with the finest quality workmanship in London and Milan.

Le Kevin Glasses holders - SAVANNA3
Le Kevin Glasses holders - SAVANNA4
Le Kevin Glasses holders - SAVANNA6
Le Kevin Glasses holders - STAR3
Le Kevin Glasses holders - STAR1
Le Kevin Glasses holders - SAVANNA5
Le Kevin Glasses holders - SAVANNA1
Le Kevin Glasses holders - SAVANNA 2
Le Kevin Glasses holders - rock1
Le Kevin Glasses holders - STAR2
Le Kevin Glasses holders - rock3
Le Kevin Glasses holders - STAR4
Le Kevin Glasses holders - rock2

About Le Kevin:

Le Kevin is a unisex luxury spectacles & sunglasses holder that is an adornment to any outfit and a wardrobe essential. Made in an assortment of stylish skins and a colour to suit any outfit, Le Kevin is beautifully practical with or without your glasses. The ultimate must-have optics fashion accessory.

Advertorial Le Kevin

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