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ULLI MAHLER is an eyewear brand that allows individualists and esthetes to wear designer sunglasses far beyond the mainstream. Extremely light materials as well as acetates of the highest quality make the difference here. The owner of a pair ULLI MAHLER sunglasses will wear it with enthusiasm every single day. Not to be mainstream, but to be individual and still suitable for daily use.


ULLI MAHLER creates glasses that are fun to look at as well as to look through. Spectacular and bright colors that don’t dominate the face, the love for different materials and high demands to quality make the difference the customer will appreciate.

Ulli Mahler eyewear - MIAMI_front bayside
Ulli Mahler eyewear - PARKAVENUE M_front tiffani
Ulli Mahler eyewear - BALDENEY_front regatta
Ulli Mahler eyewear - THE TRAVELER M_front wanderlust
Ulli Mahler eyewear - PAPPILON_front meadow
Ulli Mahler eyewear - ROMA undici front
Ulli Mahler eyewear - TUSCANY_front COL20

The expression of one’s own style, sensational and nonetheless acceptable to every occasion. The ULLI MAHLER Eyewear Collection is different, however particular in its details and still pleasantly relaxed. Just pure. “8 minutes and 19 seconds” (the time it takes for a sunbeam to touch the earth) With 8m19, Ulli Mahler has launched a German sunglasses brand that enables individualists and aestheticians to wear designer sunglasses far from the mainstream. Even those who expect an honest product will quickly take this sunglasses collection to their hearts. Design, materials of high quality, fit and wearing comfort have been given top priority in the Ulli Mahler Eyewear Collection.

For more information, check out their website.

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