Style Your Way to Success

Investing in Eyewear styling can be your ultimate strategy to a success right now!

With less opportunity to maximise on daily appointments due to post pandemic health and safety restrictions,  focusing time on developing a dedicated and personalised eyewear styling consultation, in as safe and secure an environment as possible,  ensures your business can benefit and profits get a boost!

At my multi award winning optical practice, Style Optique, we dedicate a whole hour to our personalised one-to-one styling consultations.  Not only does this  give my team the perfect opportunity to explore individual clients requirements and their style personality, but also  increases the chances of each client purchasing multiple pairs of spectacles and fantastically recommending us to their friends and family!   And yes, even in the current climate, we are seeing a record sales and back to back record weeks in eyewear sales!

Go the Extra Mile

People have a little more time of their hands right now and so feel more inclined to spend an hour or so in a personalised styling consultation. They’ve been stuck at home and are now ready to spend better quality time and investment.  By booking clients into an allocated styling process slot, you can prepare the space in advance in order to make each individual feel attended to and special. This may be adding fresh flowers and or a selection of special refreshments and also creating the perfect ambience to induce relaxation and inspiration. Doing this will help your clients feel at ease and enable them to fully explore their own style preferences and tastes, allowing you to help them choose their perfect eyewear.

Give the Client Your Full Attention


In my certified eyewear styling course, I teach the techniques for helping each individual client explore their style personality in order to help you pick the most appropriate eyewear for them to try and choose. This tried and tested process enables me and my team to regularly make multi pair dispenses. So it’s important that you focus completely on your client during this special eyewear styling consultation. 

Create a dedicated space in your practice or a private area. Don’t let the telephone, computer or any other work related matters interrupt this time.

It should be 100% focused on your client and helping them explore their passions and preferences. This proved process gives clients space to truly reflect on and celebrate their own style.

Improve your Frame Selection


When you have guided your client through the style personality questionnaire and have a feel for their style preferences, you will want to select the eyewear which best reflects these choices. It’s important that you have thought about your eyewear selection well in advance of this part of the process. On my certified eyewear styling course, we explore techniques in how you choose the perfect eyewear to correspond to the different eyewear style personalities for your clients. 

Often practices make the mistake of either choosing eyewear ranges that they like, or that are plain and simple.

From my experience, this is not the way to impress your clients or boost revenue.  We regularly sell colourful, bejewelled and opulent eyewear to those, who on first glance, look as it they may only wear a pair of plain frames.  The eyewear styling process proves time and time again, that the client knows best and more often than not, not only do they want to make a statement but also want to add a selection of frames to match their different outfits!

Choosing eyewear ranges to match the different style personalities is an art form, but get it right with the right training from the Eyewear Styling Academy and you will see your average dispense value and profits significantly increase.  Proving that you can style your way to Success.

Eyewear Styling

By enrolling your team or yourself on my e-learning certified eyewear stylist course right now, you can do this in a relatively short period.

You can also achieve the following skills and expetise:-

  • Become an expert in eyewear styling
  • Create a fabulous new experience for your clients
  • Triple your dispense value with multiple pair sales
  • Make your practice stand out

This is what the training has done for me and many of my graduates. Wouldn’t this be a worthwhile investment!

I am here to help.

Throughout the fully interactive e-learning Eyewear Stylist Course I also offer full tutor support via email, zoom or telephone call throughout your studies.  In addition you will have access to our private Eyewear Styling Academy community group on Facebook to ask questions and interact with fellow stylists.

If you want to learn  more about Eyewear Styling,  and you are ready to fast forward practice growth when life returns to normal, why not schedule a call with me by clicking below.

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