Blackfin Razor // Technique, Style and Color

Design has never been so light. Pure titanium Blackfin frames are the state-of-the-art in terms of light weight and technical content. And now they will be even thinner in the new Blackfin Razor line of optical frames.  Made from 1mm titanium sheet, the styles are crafted using special micromechanical processes the company custom-engineered for these frames. An added boon is the new one-piece hinge, a technical breakthrough that also brings a design detail upgrade.

PM 2020-02-26 STILL LIFE
PM 2020-02-26 STILL LIFE

The common trait among the new Razor frames is their retro flair, emphasized by the bridge that updates the typical Blackfin eyewear design. Geometrically sculpted in three dimensions, the bridge emphasizes the frame’s vintage allure. Another stylistic nuance is the monochrome metallic colors or metal exterior combined with contrasting interior hues. As in Annie, a delicate frame with large round rims, or the Zara version, where they tend toward a more contoured, hexagonal shape. The color options for these two styles are: monochrome black, metallic powder pink, bright metallic blue, metallic Burgundy red, bright metallic violet and optic white. And the two-tone versions: white/polished silver, dark metallic bordeaux/polished silver, or Nano-PlatedTM Champagne Light Gold combined with raspberry or bright metallic blue.

This line adds another masterful brushstroke to the Blackfin family portrait, a pure expression of the brand’s essence: made of material – titanium – absolute quality and design, in an array of frames that define its stylistic and design trajectory. Blackfin One, instilled with the brand’s DNA, is the label that identifies the main collection; Blackfin Aura, where titanium intersects with and is enhanced by cellulose acetate rims; and now, Blackfin Razor, all the best of Blackfin in an even lighter version.

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