Johann von Goisern // Summer in the City

Summertime is knocking at our doors, and Jasmin was excited to step outside her Barcelona apartment for a while to let the warmth lift her spirit, after weeks of social distancing. But it wasn’t just the sun or being outside again that raised her mood. These 2 colorful frames by Johann von Goisern would make any spectacle wearers happy and attract their surroundings, and what better place for that, then Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf.


Summertime is a special time for JvG-Wearers, because when the sun hits the frame it brightens up the colors of the stripes to make the JvG-glasses a matchless experience. Wearing JvG-Glasses, your part of being the center of attention is practically guaranteed.

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Every frame has it’s unique color scheme and was handmade in Austria with a special laminating procedure which offers almost unlimited color possibilities. With respect to mother nature, every frame is made from cotton-acetate (97% cotton fibres).


Every Johann von Goisern design combines up to 20 different layers of cellulose acetate (97% natural cotton) with a special lamination technique, developed in house. This special technique, paired with a thorough research and design process creates trendy, harmonious colour combinations like this one. To this day, the brand and its products live and breathe the creativity and ideas of its inventor Johann Pomberger. The company is still firmly grounded on the values of its founder Johann: Relocating or even moving to another country is completely out of question.

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Shooting: TEFdoesBARCA
Eyewear: Johann von Goisern

Jasmin Teichtmeister of Purstyle
Photographer: Julia Malinowska

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