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I would like to call out for your help on a great charity that helps kids in Africa to be able to get glasses with their own RX, which will enable them to do so much more in life, like seeing the blackboard at school for starters.

My longtime friend Joshua Silver, who is an atomic physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford, reached out to me regarding his great invention, which allows a frame’s lens to be manually adjusted to the correct RX.

With your support, we can help so many young people get the most from their education and build a brighter future for them, their economies, and their societies.

From up to 25£ you can already help 2 teenagers see clearly! You can find his crowdfunding page here or please see some more details below that might convince you to do so.

We can’t do this without your support.

We need to raise as much money as possible to develop the Child Vision self-adjustable glasses for mass production and to distribute as many pairs of these glasses to children in schools in Africa, Asia & Latin America.

£25 will provide 2 working pairs to school children in need
£50 will provide 4-5 working pairs to school children in need
£100 will provide 8-10 working pairs to school children in need
£500 will provide 40-50 working pairs to school children in need

Please check out this video with Prof. Joshua Silver, he is such an amazing person!

Perhaps the most important question is: do they work?

Yes. Pilot batches of glasses were deployed in schools in developing world countries in order to test distribution models. The new glasses are correct for myopia between 0 and -5D and will be available in various different colours.

How do you use self-adjustable glasses?

Self-adjustable glasses are designed for use in parts of the world where there are too few optometrists to meet the needs of the people. Self-adjustable glasses allow the wearer to adjust the lenses until he or she can see clearly. They are simple to adjust and will be delivered through schools.

Step 1: Check for poor vision – Perform a basic screening test for poor distance vision using the ‘tumbling-E’ illiterate vision chart.
Step 2: Adjust lenses – Turn the dials slowly on the side-arms until each eye can see clearly.
Step 3: Seal lenses – Press the buttons on the frame to seal the lenses in place, detach the adjuster tubes and prevent further adjustment.
Step 4: Remove adjusters – Unclip the adjusters from the side-arms and dispose of them safely. The glasses are now set and sealed and function like normal spectacles.
Step 5: Wear – Your Child Vision Adjustable Glasses are ready for use.

TEF will continue to empower independent eyewear, but this time, we need a little help from your side as well. I hope you can find it in your heart to help kickstart this amazing project!

Hoping to see you soon, cause I do miss you!

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