Jean-François Rey // Petite 2020

Jean-François Rey is one of the first designers to take an interest in the small faces of women often forgotten by the most part of the eyewear designers. Since 2012, he has been constantly reinventing this line which now has a special place in the collections. He redraws proportions and sizes; he submits new forms and works styles, colors and combinations of materials for more diversity and character. Specially designed for the thinnest female faces, the models PETITE have the elegance of a JF Rey frame while playing some stylistic details in a free, modern and very spontaneous spirit.

PA069 8090
PA070 8070
PM066 7510
PA0709050 on Pretty girl-2

For this newest collection, Jean-François Rey chooses easy-fitting designer shapes that capture the mood of the season with their contemporary look, their modernized retro style and their fashion colors schemes. Always true to the creative spirit of the house, metal is used in extremely fine colorful graphic cutouts, while acetate materials come together with a desire for creativity and a more spontaneous approach to design. The intensely bright transparencies allow the color to vibrate and highlight the minimalist aesthetics of the frames. The refreshing colors and seasonal shades combine to create unprecedented colorways that subtly suggest confidence and self-affirmation. The line challenges with the graphic power and the stylistic freshness of the designs, giving the models their unique character. For elegant, lively and eye-catching looks.

Concepts : PM068/PM069

Designed in a cheerful and very modern minimalist spirit, these two Nylor shapes in two-tone metal give lightness and singularity to small faces. They stand out with their sleek, graceful and very distinguished graphic silhouette. The compositions of frank and bright colors sign the allure and emphasize the delicacy of the metal and the creativity of the aerial cutouts.

JF Rey glasses - PA0681095
JF Rey glasses - PA0682095
JF Rey glasses - PA0686590
JF Rey glasses - PA0689010
JF Rey glasses - PA0694090
JF Rey glasses - PA0698090
JF Rey glasses - PA0697090

Concepts : PA072/PA073

The graphic power of these combined frames is in the distinctive assembly of two acetate faces worked in a double layer on a thin metal base. The aesthetic balance that results from the volumes and thicknesses of materials comes to structure the face and refreshes the retro look of the models in a creative and glamorous stylistic repertoire.

JF Rey glasses - PA0724520
JF Rey glasses - PA0732050
JF Rey glasses - PA0723050
JF Rey glasses - PA0722050
JF Rey glasses - PA0727560
JF Rey glasses - PA0734020
JF Rey glasses - PA0733075
JF Rey glasses - PA0738050

Concepts : PM066/PM050 Nouvelles Couleurs

These little retro shapes take care of their allure with delicate prints that combine trendy references and sure values ​​such as the freshness of the polka dot print, the timeless chic of black and white, or the delicacy of Japanese patterns. The fineness of the metal completes the exquisite aesthetics of the models and signs a fashionable look.

JF Rey glasses - PM0503001
JF Rey glasses - PM0660120
JF Rey glasses - PM0502501
JF Rey glasses - PM0505045
JF Rey glasses - PM0664060
JF Rey glasses - PM0667510
JF Rey glasses - PM0666010
JF Rey glasses - PM0507590

Concepts : PA070/PA071

This new concept picks up the essential advantages of the most popular models in the collection and interprets them in aesthetic and very modern combinations. Sophisticated acetate materials, metal temples shaped in a jewelry spirit and intensely bright colors give these timeless shapes a refined and trendy look.


Concepts : PA068/PA069

The collages of exclusive acetate materials achieved on these frames and carefully selected give a singular entity to these two typical forms. The intensity of the colors, the stylistic freshness and the well balance of the blends in transparencies and in extremely bright fades come to reveal soft, modern and flawless silhouettes.

JF Rey glasses - PM0682029
JF Rey glasses - PM0685060
JF Rey glasses - PM0698575
JF Rey glasses - PM0685535
JF Rey glasses - PM0692590
JF Rey glasses - PM0695030
JF Rey glasses - PM0695040
JF Rey glasses - PM0687040

PM069 5040
PA073 2050
PA073 3075-
PM050 3001

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