How I create and attract EYEWEAR OBSESSED Clients

I attract Clients who spend £10k a year on Eyewear….. And I can help you do the same!

If I told you that I have a way to attract clients who are obsessed with eyewear, and are happy to spend way above average, would you want to know more?

Well read on, because in this article I am sharing some of my biggest secrets, and right now is the time to be learning new skills, absorbing knowledge and preparing for the future growth of your practice….

The ‘Eyewear Obsessed’ And Why Your Practice NEEDS Them

Firstly, so we are on the same page here, I want to give you my definition of “The Eyewear Obsessed” based on my own practice clients.

They are clients who purchase at least 4 pairs in one go! Each time they come into the practice, they can’t help but purchase a new pair and boy they’ve learnt to craft some great excuses to keep visiting!

Their yearly spend on eyewear averages around £10,000 – £12,000 -so way above average, and they are genuinely obsessed with eyewear and the experience we offer. So much so that they keep coming back for more!

The best thing about these clients is not only are they great fun to style but they become good friends, ambassadors of the practice and genuinely make going to work each day an absolute joy!

Oh, and you don’t need to fill your clinic back-to-back with hundreds of clients to grow your practice.  You can do more, with less, and can then spend time giving these clients the experience they deserve.

Marketing To The Right Clients – And, It’s Not Who You Think!

Lots of Optical Practice owners ask me, ‘’How do you find all these clients who love and spend thousands on their eyewear? People in my area don’t want to!’’

Well here’s my secret: We don’t find them, we CREATE them!

It may surprise you to know that most of our clients are not born Eyewear lovers, in fact many of them come to us having loathed their eyewear for years!

We rarely spend our new client attraction marketing budget on people who are already fans of eyewear.

We call out disappointed glasses wearers.

These are people who feel unconfident in their eyewear. Those who have struggled for years to find styles they love, or with high prescriptions – who have always felt restricted with their eyewear choices- people who have built up many years of bad experiences with eyewear and their opticians.

And we make a big promise to them: to change their lives.

And then, we do just that through a transformational styling experience!

Two Reasons Most Opticians Fail To Create Eyewear Obsessed And How You Can Avoid The Same Fate!

So why has my practice been doing this on a daily basis: taking people from eyewear depression to eyewear obsession, from spending very little to spending thousands? And why are so many other Opticians struggling to do the same?

There are two answers to this: lack of good Eyewear options and lack of trusted, empowering style advice.

Lack of Exciting Eyewear Options

Firstly, most Opticians supply to the masses. They take the safe option and sell eyewear in boring colours and classic shapes which all look the same. They are scared to think differently, scared to stand out.

So what happens?  No one gets excited about boring eyewear! And this is why they don’t want to spend their hard-earned cash on a second pair, let alone a third or fourth!

If you want to start selling multiple pairs of glasses, you need eyewear collections your clients can get excited about!

And luckily there are so many beautiful niche independent brands out there now. In fact in so many different colours and styles, that there’s no excuse not to take a brave step, invest in a brand new collection and reinvigorate and inspire your clients and your practice!

Lack Of Style Advice And Expertise

The second reason is lack of expert style advice. In many practices the clients are left staring at rows and rows of frames which all look the same, and if they are lucky they are helped by an optical assistant – or dispensing optician – who smiles, nods and gives their personal opinion, with no professional colour or style expertise in this area at all! This can lead to a disappointing outcome and buyer’s remorse, with a recent study from Boots UK OF 20,000 people proving that 1 in 4 clients are rejecting glasses purchased from their Optician because the frames chosen make them feel, old, unfashionable and unconfident.  So, what can you do to change this?

There are a few things you need to realise…

Eyewear, like every other accessory, is personal to your client and as much as they want to see in their glasses and value your clinical expertise- they want to look nice too!

The right Eyewear should make your client look and feel as good as they do when they put on their sharp, well fitted suit or their killer heals, it should connect to who they are, empower them -and the decision should not be made lightly.

In fact, finding right eyewear can make a powerful difference to someone’s life and confidence, in the same way as that wonderful moment a client receives their first ever visual correction, when they see the detail and colours around them come to life for the first time. In both cases it’s a magical moment when they realise what they have been missing, what they have now gained, and that life will never be the same again.

And this where training as a professional Eyewear Stylist comes in.

How I Can Help You: Creating An Empowering Client Experience

If you want to attract and create eyewear obsessed clients, you must gain the skills and create the experience for your clients. This is where I can help you.

Training as an Eyewear Stylist through the Eyewear Styling Academy will give you the step by step process I use in my practice. As well as the skills in colour, facial analysis and style personality to align with your clients, giving them an empowering experience and helping them to look and feel the best version of themselves. When they feel this way for the first time ever, they want more, and so their obsession with eyewear and your practice begins!

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