JF Rey // Urban Collage

Encapsulating the energy and artistic influences of Marseilles in a creative and colorful patchwork of acetates.

Jean-François Rey has made color and graphics his very personal (and differentiating) way of expression, which he always approaches as an independent player, in free creative. For the latest example, the new URBAN COLLAGE collection: a line of 3 acetate models inspired by Street Art and its colorful mural frescoes, all kinds of graffiti that liven up the alternative districts of Marseille, such as the very famous Cours Julien. The designer encapsulates the light and the artistic excitement of this cosmopolitan city in the South of France – where the Showroom JF Rey is located -, and presents an intuitive and singular interpretation.


Composed of 12 pieces with very feminine lines, the collection stands out for its collages of acetate materials, artfully achieved on the face with an asymmetrical and diagonal lamination technique that shakes up the classic codes of the acetate frame. The technical complexity goes together with an extremely meticulous stylistic research based on the individual selection of each color, each shade and pattern of acetate plates. The materials perfectly fit together into a sophisticated artistic patchwork while offering an artistic and contemporary crossbreeding where colors and prints find new energy, bring a new emotion.

The design is focused on the refinement of the materials, subtle and detailed, as well as the choice of vibrant and bright colors. The use of various tortoiseshell shades in graphic combinations and contrasting styles add an assertive, distinctive and modern look to the models (JF1493 9030, JF1494 9545, JF1495 9545).

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Free press release: Jean-François Rey

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