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Award-winning sunglasses protect children´s eyes throughout the year

For most adults there´s no question, we all use sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV-radiation and blue light. Protecting children’s eyes is even more important because their vision is not fully developed. Still, many parents skip sunglasses for the smallest kids, Mokki founder Moshe Ohana says.

Ohana is CEO and product developer at the Norwegian eyewear manufacturer Mokki, and he believes many parents experience challenges with arms that break too easily and sunglasses being torn off little heads because the children experience them as uncomfortable. This way, it quickly becomes expensive to buy new pairs of children’s sunglasses several times per year. Mokki has solved this challenge, with their new and practical product, aiming for the highest quality, without the luxury price-tag.

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Sunglasses for active toddlers

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Moshe Ohana” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”17″]The smallest children should not use polarized glasses all day, but to achieve the best possible protection, we offer a package where you can easily switch between glasses for everyday use and for extra bright light, such as on the beach or on snow.[/perfectpullquote]

The Click & Change sunglasses package is an award-winning design, voted the best product for baby and children on German Design Awards 2020 and Oslo Prestige Awards 2020, and nominated for German Innovation Awards 2020, Visionplus Awards 2020, Baby Product of the Year Sweden 2020 and Kind + Jungend Innovation 2018. With the package you get two pairs of eyeglasses, flexible and attachable arms, a soft, elastic headband and a cleaning cloth with a cute figure, so the children can learn to clean their glasses themselves.

One of the glasses is for daily use, filtering out 93 percent of all visible blue high energy light. This gives the best possible optical clarity and allows for a more accurate and vibrant experience of colors. Glass number two is polarized and suitable for places that exceed normal reflection values, such as water and snow. Both glasses close out 100 percent of the harmful UV light and are water repellent and scratch-resistant.

Ergonomic and durable

The Click & Change glasses are extremely lightweight and have ergonomic frames with soft medical rubber nose cushions that help children quickly forget that their glasses are on. Click & Change are also extra durable to withstand play and rough use. The arms are virtually non-breakable. The frames can also be supplemented with adapted corrective lenses and with computer glasses for screen protection. Click & Change is developed for children aged 0-5.

About Mokki

Mokki is one of Scandinavia’s leading eyewear brands. The company was established in 1987 and supplies eyeglasses to satisfied customers via stores and chains in several countries. The glasses are designed in Oslo and manufactured in hand-picked factories around the world with the highest quality requirements.

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