Upskill and Equip yourself for Independence Day


We Can Get Through This & Rise Stronger Than We Thought Possible!

If you currently find yourself isolated and working at home, now may be the ideal time to think about investing into self development and training.

Let’s face it, coronavirus has come out of the blue and floored us all. Did anyone know there was such a thing as pandemic insurance or furloughed workers, in the U.K. at least?

And to be frank, every time I hear the words “unprecedented times” “draconian” & ‘’lockdown ’’, I shudder inside.

Coronavirus is not a good thing, its impact on health, the optical industry and the world economy is going to be huge. And with all this uncertainty, many optical practice owners are fearing for their survival and staff their jobs.

Practice owners may find themselves in crisis mode, reacting by laying-off staff, cutting non essential costs, closing their practices – reacting in the now – giving little thought for the future.

However, if these “draconian measures” are not done with careful strategy and great communication, relationships could be severely damaged and irreparable when we emerge on the other side of this crisis.


In this time of chaos it can be very difficult to imagine the day after, but it will come.

When it does, people will be rushing out in their droves, eager to treat themselves, to spend time with friends and family, desperate to spend their money and to sort out their eyewear!

Many of your clients will have a new sense of understanding of community spirit and will be keen to support their local independent businesses and help you get back on your feet!

When that time comes, will you be ready? Or will you be overwhelmed and unable to manage following lock down?

Innovate, upskill and market your way to success


The companies and entrepreneurs who use this time wisely, will be those who innovate and get ready to serve their clients in delightful new ways.


Those who do absolutely nothing, who leave it to fate to take care of, may find they are left behind in the marketplace.

Companies who are already using this valuable time to up skill their team, to innovate and who are continuing to communicate and market to their clients, will be the ones who are rewarded when Independence Day finally arrives.  They will have the fuel to fast forward their business to success!

Eyewear Styling Training

Look, I don’t want this to be an outright sales pitch for my course, as there are many great learning opportunities out there. However, I believe a great option right now – one which could directly impact your sales growth when you return to normal – would be to train as an Eyewear Stylist via the certified  e- learning course.

By enrolling your team or yourself on my e-learning certified eyewear stylist course you could gain the following skills and achievements:-

  • Become an expert in eyewear styling
  • Create a fabulous new experience for your clients
  • Triple your dispense value with multiple pair sales
  • Make your practice stand out

This is what the training has done for me and many of my graduates. Wouldn’t this be a worthwhile investment!

We are here to help

Throughout the fully interactive e-learning Eyewear Stylist Course I also offer full tutor support via email, zoom or telephone call throughout your studies.  In addition you will have access to our private Eyewear Styling Academy community group on Facebook to ask questions and interact with fellow stylists.

I know that finances are a very sore point for many optical practices at this time. But this means now more than ever that what we choose to spend our money on is critical for the future success of our business and personal growth.

To help alleviate any temporary cash flow problems:

I want to help you by offering a discount of £150 per person off the Eyewear Stylist Course along with our brand new extended payment plan options to help make the costs of upskilling your team more manageable, during this difficult time. If this is something you are interested in simply register your interest here or email

You Can Get Through This & Rise Stronger Than You Thought Possible

Let 2020 be the year you were proud of yourself and your team, the year you talk about to your grandchildren, where you innovated and grew in ways you never thought possible.

The year where you did not let the crisis control you and you emerged greater than before!

Let’s make Independence day the rise of the Independents!

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