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My #coroNO moment

They still exist. You know? Those moments when we forget what’s going on out there. Moments in which we can tone down what currently dominates our daily actions and thoughts.

Of course, we at MARKUS T are also doing everything we can to contain the virus. We have restricted production, we are working in our home offices, and are keeping our distance. In order not to lose ourselves and you, despite the space between us, we would like to get closer together in other ways. We want to reduce the separation by providing insights into our lives. As bad as the situation is -we want to see the positive core in it.

For example, each of us gains time as the world somehow turns more slowly. Time in which we might do things that we would otherwise put off, or that we have always wanted to do. Time in which we experience moments that manage to fade out the surreal madness for a short time. Are you with us? Then post under #coroNO and link our social media profile so we can share positivity.

Markus: Grand Piano

The MARKUS T team was gathered together in our large kitchen area talking about disinfection,emergency plans and home office when suddenly this beautiful grand piano was delivered. Everybody was delighted and there were smiling faces on many of us.

Later on some colleagues produced timid first sounds and everything was fine again for a short moment. My #coroNO moment.

Markus, CEO at MARKUS T
#coroNO #markust #markustdesign #stayhome

Georg: in his garden

Normally, I’m a designer. Among many creations, I design glasses. At the moment I use my free time to distract myself. That works great in the garden! I have borrowed the lawn scarifier from my colleague and am fighting against the moss and algae in my garden.

As I stood proudly and exhausted in front of the moss mountains, the C-topic was not an issue for a while. My #coroNO moment.

Georg, Product Design at MARKUS T
#coroNO #markust #markustdesign #stayhome

Sandra: Jogging

Marketing at MARKUS T actually means: far too many projects, far too little time, and creativity running on adrenalin. Suddenly everything is different. I use the newly gained time for a new
routine; daily jogging rounds. During my run, I defragment the hard drive in my head, push corona worries aside, find room for new ideas and am quite happy every time I’ve managed the last nasty hill. My #coroNO moment.

Sandra, Marketing at MARKUS T
#coroNO #markust #markustdesign #stayhome

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