The 2020 Toilet Paper Shortage Frame

I am in love with this new frame, which will have every dollar from it donated to a noble cause.  This frame really hits home because I live in Seattle, Washington (USA), which is the COVID-19 ground zero in the United States. This came fast and hit hard, people freaked out and rushed to every store in existence to stockpile things like meat, rice, canned goods, anything frozen, Lysol, and toilet paper. Stores were completely bare. Merchants later put a quantity cap on these items of gold and posted that they could not be returned. We have a big warehouse chain up here and they had 1,400 people in line waiting for them to open. Daily. Toilet paper was like gold. Perhaps I appreciate the frame more than the average person because of where I live but I’m sure mostly everyone in the world understands this in light of current conditions.

Meet the TP Washington, an ultra limited edition frame made by LAIBACH & YORK. These are triple laminated crystal frames with real toilet paper hand laminated directly into the frame. They are hand made in Slovenia, a country that borders Italy. LAIBACH & YORK will donate every dollar from this frame to a noble cause.

[URIS id=22910]

I’ve been enamored by their frames for quite some time and this solidifies my love for their brand. LAIBACH & YORK is a zero-waste company, meaning they utilize every scrap of material. They turn what would be trash to another company into beautiful business card holders, Laibach Little frames, necklaces, and more. You can get their business card holders here. Cellulose acetate, is a bioplastic made from wood and cotton pulp. LAIBACH & YORK frames are completely biodegradable.

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