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Kerl introduces material innovations to the eyewear industry. The proprietary technologies developed by the company result in timeless eyewear frames in the luxury segment. Lighter than a single sheet of paper, the carbon frames are fully adjustable thanks to a sophisticated temple system and offer outstanding wearing comfort. New types of surfaces from the typical carbon look to colored and stone-like textures create a never seen aesthetic.


The Kerl team members are material engineers and designers with a passion for materials, technologies and product design. By transforming beautiful materials into objects, where design goes hand in hand with function, they enrich the world and Kerl’s team’s spirit is captured.
With this enthusiasm, the two founders, Jaromir Ufer and  Johannes Dillinger have developed an innovative frame using carbon as a material in many years of detailed work and optimization. As a result, they have succeeded in creating the lightest and most prominent rim-frame in the world with various technical features. Aesthetic and with outstanding wearing comfort.

Together with Markus Moser, an expert in eyewear design from the Swiss trendsetter and long-established company Alpenglühn, the glasses have been refined into timeless and previously unseen carbon designs in the premium segment. The brand “Kerl” that resulted from this appeals to men who know how to combine values with character. Kerl is the eyewear label for men who enjoy superior material with the latest technology and innovative detail solutions, processed in the highest standards. Great design that makes no sacrifices in terms of precise aesthetics.

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From a technical point of view, Kerl carbon differs significantly from the typically used standard materials. In the 5-year development period, the carbon experts have created a material that is very flexible, robust and, with a thickness of 0.7mm, enables extremely lightweight spectacle frames.

The frames are produced in an exclusive small series and limited quantities. The label “handmade in Germany” is much more than just a marketing promise. In the Kerl workshop, the carbon material is in fact first produced in-house and then the high-end eyewear components are made from it.

The carbon eyewear collection comprises 25 models in 5 different colors. The frames are available as correction and sunglasses. The colors result from innovatively dyed carbon fibers ranging from classic black via subtle brown to hip silver and bronze shades. The material sometimes looks more like slate or wood and is an aesthetic alternative to the carbon patterns known so far. Thanks to its own production, Kerl is able to offer extensive customization, and together with the already fully adjustable temple system, a perfectly tailored spectacle frame is created for the customer.

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