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These are difficult times, but (unfortunately) you really don’t have to explain that to anyone anymore. We at EINSTOFFEN definitely hope that you, your families and friends are doing well according to the circumstances.

Now this time is not only very hard but also challenging for the optical market. Solidarity is being called for everywhere, while at the same time many are worried about their own future.

We are painfully aware that our customers, the independent opticians, who are already under pressure from many sides, are in a very unpleasant situation. And without the independent opticians, none of us will survive.

We at EINSTOFFEN have therefore decided to support our customers in these difficult times as much as our strengths allow.

From 18 March to 19 April 2020, 50% of the turnover of each pair of sunglasses we sell online will be credited to our opticians in the town where the buyer is from!

We do not want to benefit at the expense of our partners. Our corrective frames will continue to be available only in specialist shops but we hope that this levy on sunglasses will at least alleviate our customers’ losses a little and not simply point out that it is possible to buy online, which is what is done from time to time.

Let’s hope that the matter is soon over and we can get back to more pleasant things in a few weeks!

Take care & stay safe!

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