Snob Milano // New models at Mido Milano

Milano and Sfitinzia are two new cool styles from the latest collection of SNOB Milano, will be unveiled on stage at Mido Milano this month. These new models show all the DNA of the young Milanese brand that has come a long way since it was born, just over six years ago. Their ironic and irreverent features can be recognized in their campaign and in-store communication. Glasses for charismatic and smart personalities who like to accessorize their own look. 


The new collection plays heavily on plastic, the core material of the manufacturer, the historic Franco Sordelli from Venegono Inferiore, Varese district. The style interprets classic and transversal models in a contemporary setting, with generous volumes and character. In many styles, metal is combined with plastic which creates a great balance through perfectly balanced shapes and colors.

Embellishings, logos, and temples of the temples enlarge the value to the product. ZEISS lenses, SNOB Milano’s exclusive partner of excellence for the entire collection with solar clips, are also starting to contaminate the sunglasses collection: with the coming season, 80% of new products will carry the German quality brand, an increase of 30 % compared to the past to underline how the synergy with the German house is strong and consolidated.


MILANO: men’s glasses, cal. 53 with a touch of sport/classic style: eyewear for every occasion. The traveler’s eyewear for the versatile style and lightness that characterizes it. ZEISS lenses on all the proposed colors. 100% Made in Italy.


SFITINZIA: a cat-eye women’s eyewear is the trendiest SNOB Milano proposal for this 2020. Strong profiles and TV effect. 100% Made in Italy.

Advertorial: SNOB Milano

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