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Today, we are in Taiwan for our Asian Fit shoot with the amazing optical artist Karen Goins. We have focused on Asian-fit before, and while there are more and more brands designing for this “specific” target group, you can imagine that 4,6 billion Asian faces are not all the same. TC Charton designer Alexandra knows this by heart, and she sent us the perfect frame for Karen’s angular face shape.

TC Charton Eyewear 5
TC Charton Eyewear 10
TC Charton Eyewear 2
TC Charton Eyewear 6

Karen is wearing her “Watami” frame, which conveys modern femininity. This edgy faceted cat-eye has such a strong look. The curvy lines soften her profile, whilst the combination of semi-transparent acetate with on-trend “Cuban Sand” coloured top layer makes it blend perfectly into her face, becoming part of her personality. With its angular lines soften with fluid semi-transparent hues, the Watami frame is defiant and unconventional.

TC Charton Eyewear 11
TC Charton Eyewear 14
TC Charton Eyewear 7
TC Charton Eyewear 15

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Alexandra Peng Charton” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]Why Asian Fit Eyewear?
Most of the eyewear products available are tailored for Caucasian features. As Asian facial characteristics are different than those of Caucasians, it’s no wonder Asians have scarce choices of eyewear products that fit them properly.[/perfectpullquote]

TC Charton was designed to accommodate higher cheekbones, lower nose bridges and other ethnic features that make conventional eyewear impossible or uncomfortable to wear. With over a hundred different frames to choose from, the wearer can have a great fit without having to compromise on style and luxury.

Founder Alexandra is constantly studying faces wherever she goes, always on the lookout for her latest muse. Each style is crafted to fit the features of people that she has met in her travels, and the finished product even shares the name of the person that inspired them. TC Charton  was created foremost to fit Asian features, however the multitudinous styles available in the collection appeal to people of many other ethnic backgrounds, and they are finding that TC CHARTON eyewear fits them fabulously.

Shooting: TEFdoesTAIPEI
Eyewear: TC Charton – Asian Fit Eyewear
Model: Karen Goins
Photographer: Zoyatinglai

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