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In 2009, while discussing eyewear and the possibility of starting their own company, Shu-Chu and Kyle decided that they would change the optical industry by the way they do business. They were on a mission to share their passion for eyewear and giving by creating a for-profit company with a non-profit soul. For every 141 Eyewear purchase, they give a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need. No portions of proceeds. No percentages. You buy, they give. 141.

Acetate frames:

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141 Eyewear is designed in Portland, Oregon, USA. Their collection simply consists of handmade acetate and Ultem frames. We all know acetate but are less familiar with Ultem material. 141 Ultem frames are 30% lighter than comparable acetate frames and 50% lighter than many metal frames. Unlike many acetate frames, the 141 Ultem frames can withstand extreme temperatures and still hold its shape. It is characterized by its excellent elasticity, amazing mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

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Additionally, Ultem is made from a non-toxic and eco-friendly material which yields no harmful by-product during production. The production process requires less energy than standard plastic frames; thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

Ultem frames:

In 2020 141 Eyewear celebrates its 10th year in business and offers this statement of appreciation:

In 2020 we take pause to THANK YOU for making the last ten years a truly remarkable decade. We’re honored and humbled to have you as a part of our 141 community. THANK YOU for years of memories, friendship, and support. We couldn’t have done it without you, nor can we take the next steps without your help. THANK YOU for holding us to high standards and telling us when we’ve met your expectations and where we need improving. THANK YOU to those who paused here for a bit before continuing on your journeys, and for those who have stuck with us. THANK YOU for helping shape our business, for making our jobs easier and our lives more fulfilling. Without all of YOU, there is no 141 Eyewear. Although it’s been 10 years, there is still much to learn and a lot to give. We look forward to making new and awe-inspiring memories with you. We strive to adapt, share, give, and become as impactful as we can. THANK YOU for creating a space to do that everyday. Our success is yours, and we don’t forget it. Let’s keep it going and growing for the next ten years. 

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