Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

Ronit Furst is well known for their playful colours with their choice of colours being basically endless. For some fans, the 2020 collection may come as a surprise as the focus has shifted to monochrome. That’s right, black and white but do not worry because colour is still the main focus. After all, it is in the brand’s DNA.

The founder of Ronit Furst, Ronit explains why it is all about the monochrome for 2020.

“In the past year I have drawn toward simple monochrome sketches and doodling in my artwork – at first I surprised myself as I am all about colour and breaking the standard patterns of matching colour, but quickly I saw myself and my inner language in these monochrome drawings. Naturally, I developed a new ‘crush’ in my own work – I then interpret this to my eyewear, and the result is our 4 new sub-collections, all created during my ‘black & white’ period”.

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection
Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

For this new 2020 collection, there are four themes to choose from, Graffiti, 3D Checkers, Contour and Multi Black.


These pieces are the top-spec within the 2020 collection. They are the wow pieces. With Graffiti you will see some of Ronit’s artwork making an appearance on the glasses. Illustrations and sketches from the designer herself are tattooed on top of the frames with bold, statement designs.

Only a limited quantity will be produced with selected retailers stocking the range. However, you will be able to view the full range and get them at the Ronit Furst TLV studio in Israel.

3D Checkers

This collection is focused on a single colour front but with multiple colours to choose from as you would expect from Ronit Furst. What makes this range interesting is for the first time Ronit Furst have applied a hand-painted pattern on the profile of the frame to create an illusion of rich depth.


This is another single colour front collection but in crystal colours. All the lines on the frame are highlighted in black to give them a “sketched” look as Ronit herself describes. This design will also provide the frames with a quirky urban vibe.

Multi Black

The final collection is Multi Black. The inspiration for this collection came from some of Ronit Furst’s classic multi-color frames. Colour 16, 11 and 18. They are not trying to reinvent anything here and are simply adding black and white patterns to the classic multi-color designs. It refreshes the range and reflects Ronit’s current vibe of black and white.

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection
Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

The collections will be available to view during 100% Optical London this weekend (25th-27th January) . Register for your badge here and book an appointment with Mac Pure Eyewear and dive into the world of Ronit Furst.

Not at the show? Do not worry, get in contact with Ronit Furst directly and they will be able to assist.

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