Which glasses are right for you?

The perfect glasses

Just like adults, children want to look good with their glasses on. Young children usually just want glasses in their favorite color, but for older children, it is not as simple as that. They want their new glasses to fit with their personality and consider them a fashion item. Choosing the perfect glasses is therefore very personal (and may, as you may have experienced, be very different from the preferences of the parents). Some children want glasses that are as low-key as possible, while others want their eyewear to really stand out.

Milo & Me finds it important that children feel confident with their glasses on. It shouldn’t make them feel any different. Instead, kids should consider their glasses to be a part of themselves. Being confident and happy with the way you look is important at any age, but perhaps even more so when you’re a child!

We have written this leaflet with tips for children (from about eight years and up) who don’t know what kind of glasses they like or what looks good on them. These tips give children the confirmation and confidence that there are glasses out there that are perfect for them.

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