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For the Varese-based company SNOB Milano, the invitation from ZEISS to visit their headquarters and talk with the heads of the various units was a great brainstorming opportunity to develop new synergies.

The ZEISS Experience Tour is a tailor-made journey that the German world leader in optics and optoelectronics organises at the Group’s headquarters in Oberkochen, Germany, for selected partner companies: two days in which guests immerse themselves in a formidable history of over 170 years of studies, research, discoveries and goals. The tour also covers the first steps taken by man on the moon via a route that starts from the ZEISS museum and crosses all the Business Units that make up the business. The Group develops, produces and distributes innovative solutions in various sectors of industry from that of semiconductors to microscopes used in biological sciences, from diagnostic tools to systems dedicated to the treatment of diseases and in ophthalmology and microsurgery operations.


[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Dino Sordelli (Commercial Director)” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]The invitation to participate in the #zeissexperience made me particularly proud, and made my family proud because it highlights the qualitative sincerity of our product and our company. A Sordelli delegation had the opportunity to visit and learn about the cutting-edge technologies of our partner ZEISS, absorb the highest levels of quality, understand its mission and appreciate its precision and rigorous attention to detail. ZEISS quality is superior, I have no doubts, we must continue to deserve the partnership by maintaining our journey without ever giving in to convenience and always keeping the tiller in the centre, moving our goals ever further and meticulously researching for the well-being of our customer.[/perfectpullquote]The name ZEISS is known throughout the world as a synonym of optical excellence and it is for this reason that SNOB Milano – the pioneer collection of flat lenses, goggles and magnetic clip-ons – has chosen ZEISS solar lenses designed and manufactured at the headquarters of the Sunlens division of Castiglione Olona, Varese. More precisely, there is an exclusive partnership with ZEISS Sunlens for the production of all the solar clip-ons in the collection and, recently, the contract was renewed for another two seasons. This fact gives great pride to the young Lombard brand which is produced and distributed by the renowned Franco Sordelli company of Venegono Inferiore – Varese. The company has been active since 1921 and is based in one of the key eyewear production districts in Italy, thanks to which SNOB Milano can boast an internal production made entirely of Italy with high quality standards and a very lean and dynamic customer service.

In its 6 years of brief history, SNOB Milano has been able to propose new trends and new design languages with a view to a coherent evolution of the collection that focuses on the product and its user, by positioning itself as a creator and forerunner of high-impact trends. From a simple concept collection that broke into the market with a basic but ingenious idea based on the concept of a flat lens, it is now a complete collection with a highly recognisable and appreciated brand identity all over the world. Proof of this is the strong partnership that has been established with ZEISS Sunlens.



[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=” Tommaso Bossetti, SNOB Milano” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]I’m drunk with #zeissexperience: visiting the museum and reliving a legendary moment like the APOLLO 11 expedition, exploring the division for precision measurement and the many areas where it is applied, observing the research of medical technological development, have been instructive yet fascinating moments. They showed us “the right way” and we must be proud of that little “Z” on our lenses; it is a concession that has been given to us and that we must continuously deserve by relaunching with new projects and never betraying our quality standards. On a creative level, I have found a new reservoir of stimuli from which to draw and I will not tire of sharing with our contacts in ZEISS the possibilities for development of our collaboration with SNOB Milan and with the Sordelli company in general. Our claim is that “We are smart People” and ZEISS teaches us a lot.[/perfectpullquote]

“Seeing satisfaction in the customer’s eyes: this is the moment that we work for!” is the final word of Giulia Riva, Key Account Manager of ZEISS Sunlens, who accompanied the group in Germany, and who for years has passionately followed SNOB Milan’s journey, acting as an attentive, receptive and proactive interlocutor.

Just the Experience Tour alone was an opportunity to discover interesting ideas for new collaborations between SNOB Milan and ZEISS in addition to the one already consolidated with the Sunlens division. First and foremost being the participation in the large database of the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000, the platform that acquires 3D centering data quickly and very precisely, making the work of the visual well-being professional much more digital and smart. This machine can in fact create a detailed 3D avatar of the customer, and it can recommend to the consumer, a pair of glasses that is perfectly adapted to their needs by providing a new, customised shopping experience so that consumers can evaluate different images of themselves wearing the glasses and even compare different frames.

Editorial: SNOB Milano

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