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The fact that art has a great influence on fashion, architecture and design is well known. neubau eyewear has been inspired by the design era ‚Bauhaus‘ in its special edition ‚Walter & Wassily‘, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. This era was shaped by the architect Walter Gropius and the painter Wassily Kandinsky.


simple, but significant

Urban. Lifestyle. Sustainable. This ist not the first time I report to you on FACEPRINT about the creative, emerging eyewear label „neubau eyewear“ from Austria. But with every post about neubau eyewear my enthusiasm grows. The brand presents expressive eyewear with qualitative standards, such as the model Edmund in gold. Sometimes the neubau eyewear creativity and laxity seems infinite, yet the label stays true to its style: urban lifestyle, sustainable design and eco-friendly eyewear. The whole package will be perfected with every further collection and the novelties are eagerly awaited. Often the simple things are meaningfully implemented by neubau eyewear, as the offered accessories like eyewear cases and cleaning clothes, where the environmental protection is always in focus. The newest accessory from neubau eyewear: Coffee cups from old coffee grounds. Brilliant! The coffee tastes even better in this.

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 – = + (less is more)

The form follows function. This lateral thinking approach was realised by the pioneers of Bauhaus with their idea. Simple yet elegant geometric shapes have been created, marking this minimalist style. neubau eyewear has reinterpreted exactly this idea with its special edition „Walter & Wassily“. The metal tube, which was very influential for the Bauhaus style, was replaced with exposed titanium. The typical round circles are the main element of the glasses, which are manufactured with the 3-D-printing technique.

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The glasses reflect Bauhaus aesthetics and fit in perfectly with this scenery. But with all the perfect integration into this bygone era, the glasses are an absolute trendsetter by using the latest technology. The glasses present the current values, such as minimalism, lightness and quality. The discreetly mirrored sunglasses give the glasses that extra something. When wearing the glasses, you will receive many compliments, not only one or two. Surely you will attract some attention and you will be involved in conversations because of these Bauhaus-inspired glasses. Walter & Wassily would be happy about this very successful work of art.

Photos: Marina Schedler Photography
Fashion: Livid
Eyewear: neubau eyewear, Walter & Wassily
Location: Cigarre Lounge at Hörbranz, Austria

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