Opti 2020 // The right framework for a premiere!

These companies are debuting at opti 2020

Style icons, glasses with character, or high-performance spectacle lenses: At opti, which takes place from 10 to 12 January 2020 at the Fairground Munich, exhibitors will be presenting the industry trends for the upcoming year. Some providers are making their very first appearance and presenting their latest products exclusively to trade visitors. We’re giving you a sneak peek and taking a closer look at the frames and spectacle lenses made by companies from Germany, Italy, the UK, and the USA.

With all the variety that will be displayed by over 600 exhibitors within six opti halls, we can already say one thing with certainty: whichever trend consumers decide to follow next year, optometrists have seen it at opti. The following five companies are just a few of this year’s opti newcomers who will be presenting their latest products in Munich for the first time.


Brando eyewear:
4 lines, 4 perspectives, 1 revelation

They’re called Sunday Somewhere, Yohji Yamamoto, Serge Kirchhofer and Philippe Chevallier, and they have one thing in common: the umbrella of Brando eyewear which was created by Michael Jardine. As a self-professed lover and collector of vintage glasses, he started leaving his own mark in the eyewear industry more than 30 years ago. Today, Brando eyewear encompasses four brands, each with a different focus and style.

The famous Yohji Yamamoto Eyewear collection will for the first time see the addition of a new line under the name of Y’s, following the guidelines of the eponymous ready to wear collection and will be presented alongside the trendy Australian brand Sunday Somewhere at opti 2020. “opti has become one of the most renowned exhibitions in Europe, and Germany is a very important market for us. This is also reflected by the exclusivity of our presentation and our decision to launch the new line Y’s at opti,” says Arnaud Dubord, Managing Director of Brando eyewear.

www.brandoeyewear.com – (booth: C2.103)

MIGA EYEWEAR: Created through friendship

To begin with, two friends in Italy playfully started designing glasses, solely for friends and family. Today, MIGA EYEWEAR offers iconic products that are handmade, unique, timeless, and functional. At opti 2020, the company will reveal a special edition: a spectacle frame unlike anything ever seen before on the glasses market, at least according to MIGAEYEWEAR marketing expert Lucia Amicarelli. “We’re growing step by step and have now reached the point where we can and want to present our range at opti in Munich. After all, opti is one of the most renowned trade shows in the eyewear industry, and we’re very excited to be participating this year.”

www.migaeyewear.com – (booth: C1.628 / YES-Area)

Kreuzbergkinder: Breaking all the rules.

Inspired by real people from the district of Kreuzberg in Berlin, the glasses produced under the young label Kreuzbergkinder can be summed up in one word: unconventional. The products are affordable, despite their top quality and special designs inspired by character types such as the “Freak”, the “Individualist”, or the “Inner Child”. At opti 2020, Kreuzbergkinder from Berlin not only aim to further solidify their position in the industry, but will also present new products as the collection “_Evolution”:

“Our new collection is a metaphor for the day after tomorrow. Children of Berlin in the era after the modern revolution, who return to a wounded and destroyed world as lost souls. ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘grunge vibes’ transform into apocalyptic free spirits. This is the future. These are the children of Berlin,” says Ioana Serbanescu, Designer and Manager of Kreuzbergkinder, describing the new frames.

www.kreuzbergkinder.com – (booth: C1.332 / YES-Area)

DELIRIOUS: Exploring the unexplored.

Inspired by trends? No, that doesn’t apply to DELIRIOUS. Instead, the eyewear producers hailing from Italy rely on free, authentic, and creative minds who only draw inspiration from vintage collections from the past centuries. The result is a style characterised by simple lines and minimalistic shapes. DELIRIOUS produces frames made of acetate, but also sophisticated materials such as Indian water buffalo horn, Japanese titanium, beta titanium, and Takiron acetate.

The company will present its latest collection for the first time at opti in Munich. For Marco Lanero, the face behind DELIRIOUS, opti 2020 offers just the right platform and the right time to do so: “Up until now, we weren‘t quite ready for the German market, but now we are and we’re looking forward to opti 2020.” 

www.deliriouseyewear.com – (booth: C1.325 / YES-Area)

EnChroma: Giving colours more colour.

An estimated 350 million people suffer from red-green colour vision deficiency. EnChroma is the first and only company in the world to offer scientifically substantiated high-performance glasses for colour-blind individuals. These lenses are equipped with special optical filters that enable the colour blind to see vibrant, clear color. “We’re using our first appearance at opti in Munich to demonstrate to more optometrists and ophthalmologists the effect of these special lenses using our colour blindness simulator,” says Andy Schmeder, CEO of EnChroma. “This will allow optometrists to tap into a new target group or provide better care for existing patients.” EnChroma will also be introducing a completely new product: a line of lenses for aging eye-related visual impairments – at opti 2020, of course.

www.enchroma.com – (booth: C3.421)


Author: maarten weidemaAfter being a freelance eyewear designer since 1999, TEF founder Maarten Weidema now solely writes about his fellow designers in the optical industry. His passionate mission is to promote independent eyewear to the international optical arena, backed up by a large group of bloggers and journalists from all over the world. He has recently been awarded "International Optical Personality of the Year", "Leading Innovator in Optical Social Media Marketing", "Social Media Marketing Company of the Year" and received several awards for "best eyewear blog" for his efforts to promote independent eyewear to a community of 517.000 eyecare professionals.

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