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Zoë and Friends are hanging out in the skatepark, wearing some indestructible yet on-trend eyewear by Milo & Me. This brand believes all kids should feel free to play the way they want without worrying about their glasses. Their eyewear is super flexible, strong and 100% made with love for all the dreamers, explorers and rebels out there.

Milo-and-Me-Eyewear-Lion Paars
Milo & Me Eyewear

Be yourself, your eyewear can handle it!

Above all, Milo & Me eyewear makes kids with glasses feel good about themselves. The eyewear has a trendy design, good matching colors and a cool non childish branding.

Milo & Me Eyewear
TEF Magazine - Milo and Me - Cheetah Olive

The collection is designed for kids aged 3-16 years and has a great variety of colors, models and sizes. Frame locks (optional to put on the branches) and a band (also optional to use) are included and super useful during exercise and playing outside.

Milo & Me Eyewear
Milo & Me Eyewear

The material is very strong and flexible, making the frames suitable for sports and other activities.

Milo & Me Eyewear

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Milo and Me  by Hilco Vision
Models: Zoë & Friends
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

Author: maarten weidema

After being a freelance eyewear designer since 1999, TEF founder Maarten Weidema now solely writes about his fellow designers in the optical industry. His passionate mission is to promote independent eyewear to the international optical arena, backed up by a large group of bloggers and journalists from all over the world. He has recently been awarded “International Optical Personality of the Year” for his efforts to promote independent eyewear to a community of 410.000 eyecare professionals.

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