JF REY // Concept SHELL

Gold in the Shell

The new line SHELL by JF Rey proposes 3 models crafted from colored metal, round or fluttering shaped, that stand out for the extremely inventive work on the metal. The design of these frames is thought around the idea of ​​offset projection of the face in a trapezoidal perspective that suggests the theme of shells.

Caroline JF2885
Clarence JF2885jpg-1

The volumes are shaped by the superimposition of the thin colored face and geometric lines in metal, playing contrasts of thicknesses and colors. The result is minimalist silhouettes that redraw and structure the face. The lightness of the metal, ultra-thin temples, aerial architecture and chic detailing complete the modern and refined look of these frames.

[URIS id=14634]

A line of pure vintage-style fashion pieces that is perfectly in the trends while preserving its own “JF Rey’ identity”!

Advertorial: Concept Shell by JF Rey

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