Can A Pair Of Glasses Make You Happy?

This may not be as far fetched as it seems…!

Many psychological studies have found strong links between the clothes and accessories we wear and the way we feel. And speaking from experience, I have repeatedly witnessed an emotional connection unearthed in my unique and personal eyewear styling consultations. I have come to conclude that when clients are styled in eyewear that they love – eyewear which captures the essence and spirit of their personality – they feel empowered to go on and fulfil their raison d’etre!

Finding Your Clients Happy Glasses!

Eyewear is our most visible accessory, so it’s not surprising that it can greatly impact our self worth and how others perceive and behave towards us.

Therefore, finding eyewear which harmonises with your client’s personality can boost their mood and positively impact their life!

Be inspired by these choices I have put together based on the work of Fashion Psychologist Professor, Karen Pine, and help your clients discover their happy glasses!

Help your clients to……


Let them step into the spotlight! Experiment with bold statement eyewear that makes your client stand out and feel special in the same way as wearing a badge of honour.


Steer them away from the blacks and greys! Encourage them to try brightly coloured eyewear which can lift their mood and give them a boost of energy.


Step aside from the classic colours and styles! Quirky or asymmetrical eyewear can ignite their inner rebel, giving them permission to feel empowered, free and non-conforming.


What goes around comes around! Vintage eyewear styles can reconnect your client with style icons and stories of the past, making them feel a sense of nostalgia and belonging.


Bring the outside in! Eyewear with natural materials such as wood, leaves, leather and pressed flowers can help your client feel nurtured and connected to nature.


Leave the dark, heavy frames on the shelf! Eyewear in softer colours with florals, lace and lightweight detailing, are associated with summertime and can connect your client to their yin energy or softer feminine side, helping them feel, lighter, happier and healthier.

Don’t forget to smile!

You can help your clients use their eyewear to connect to, reflect & explore who they are plus the different aspects of themselves. 

But remember, your clients most beautiful and powerful accessory is their smile! And if their eyewear harmonises with who they are  and is in tune with their inner mood, then it’s the perfect eyewear for them!

The Eyewear featured in this article is LA Eyeworks, Coco Song, Boz Eyewear, Francis Klein Eyewear, David Green Eyewear and CCS by CocoSong.

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