Saint Owen // Elevated by Individuality

Andre is wearing the Crowley by Saint Owen with a cool  E-SUN MAGICOAT lens print effect by Essilor Sun Solution. Its unisex design arose from a respect for counterculture: the rise against habitual norms. The Crowley steps away from the ordinary and elevates the ideal oval-shaped wire frame with a unique nose bridge and ceramic nose pads. Adding to the uniqueness is a custom lens with Saint Owen printed in silver chrome.

TEFdoesLISBOA - Saint Owen4
TEFdoesLISBOA - Saint Owen3

Saint Owen delivers rock & roll style elevated by unique details, specializing in limited edition runs and bringing intimacy and individuality in an industry dominated by mass-market production. This is the coalescence of elegance and edginess. Riding on the intensity of punk attitude and the angst of grunge rock, this collection delivers high-octane designs inspired by our adventures growing up in the 90’s music scene of Southern California.

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The creators behind Saint Owen eyewear, twin sisters Val Sanders and Michelle Haner, pull inspiration from their own worldwide travels to craft rebellious designs for the defiant individual. Val pulls from her experience as a tour manager for rock artists and Michelle from her background in fashion. Rooted in the music industry and steadily on the road, the twins have created a boutique brand which embodies the rock and roll lifestyle. A new brand which comes from the creativity and energy of these two No Ordinary girls who made their dream come true.

This is thanks to the Essilor Sun Solution sun lenses from the Haute-Couture range with E-SUN MAGICOAT technology: an extraordinary know-how to enhance the creativity of customization with a wide range of color effects from gloss to mirror and intense…. the perfect mix of high-tech and ultimate fashion!

Shooting: TEFdoesLISBOA
Eyewear: Crowley by Saint Owen
Model: André Oliviera, editor in chief at Mr. Sunglasses Magazine

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