Vue dc – YAM: Sensitive, feminine and elegant!

Today, Jennifer is wearing YAM by Vue dc, a sensitive, feminine and elegant frame with a natural charm. We loved how the subtle bevel on the upper part highlights its generous curves and really accents Jennifer’s femininity. Handmade in France, this beautiful frame shows a great mixture of elegance and design, which you rarely find outside Oyonnax.


Personally, I have know this brand for many years, and I am perfect in the French pronunciation of it. Everytime i say the words “Vue de Ce” I immediately feel a little bit more French. Hence my surprise, when I heard that Yolande and Christian were attracted by the United States, when naming their brand Vue=View and DC (d’ici)=From Here, which basically means I have must have looked like a fool when doing video interviews.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Marion Murat” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]We keep the essence of the brand by combining elegance with French mixed with artistic references, color and urban poetry.We are keen to integrate subtle details into the frames, worked finishes that bring a plus. value. [/perfectpullquote][URIS id=11558]

About Vue DC

Yolande & Christian, two spirits from the world of optics, founded the brand Vue dc. which has evolved since its creation in 2009 by mixing design, elegance with French know-how. The House also focuses on the notions of transmission. For the last two years, Marion Murat, a young 28-year-old designer from Lyon, has been putting her stone in the building. Their shared values: the love of the beautiful object, the affection for the job of creator and the passion of beautiful glasses. All animated by traditional know-how, handmade in France

Create timeless pieces crossed by the times, reinventing a certain elegance mixing artistic references, colors and urban poetry. Mounts with daring and precise lines, transmitting a passion and an enlightened style.

Pay particular attention to the excellence of the materials, and entrust the realization to Oyonnaxian manufacturers selected for their know-how. No less than fifty small hands of goldsmith fashion a telescope. & Marion M, transmitting all their technical skills

Shooting: TEFdoesAUSTRIA
Eyewear: YAM by Vue dc
Model: Jennifer Bitsche, eyewear blogger at Faceprint
Photographer: Marina Schedler Photography

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