Gigi Barcelona at The Eyewear After Party

Newly released in the United States, I had the privilege of viewing Gigi Barcelona at the Eyewear After Party in Seattle. I fell in love with more pieces than I usually do as I was enamored by the design while being happy with the price. Before investing in a line I always must feel the product and these frames feel great, they are well built and also carry a story with a rich history.

Gigi Barcelona’s history is family, therefore, its expertise comes from an extensive heritage. Patricia Ramo’s grandfather founded one of the first frames factory in 1962 in Barcelona. Her father, Luis Ramo, remained at the forefront for 35 years. Just as her father did, she has continued with the legacy up until today.

Each manufacturing step is meticulously handcrafted combining both leading technology and the human touch. The team supervises all the production phases. More than 100 steps are needed in order to produce each of Gigi Barcelona frames. Partnering with the best professionals in each specific area, they ensure that frames fulfil their main purpose: comfort, functionality and durability. Reaching the most sophisticated aesthetics is the main purpose of Gigi Barcelona’s work.

All products are inspected rigorously once each of the phases of the manufacturing process are done. By doing so, any anomaly that could remain hidden is detected in time. The process ends with a final rigorous quality control ensuring that all the products reaching the market meet the highest standards of quality. In addition to the quality of the line, look at the beauty of Gigi Barcelona.

Two lines are distinguished, first the Optical Collection is fashion forward and made of stainless steel, Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate and some titanium’s. My favorite Optical pieces:


Second, the Lab Collection, which is trendy with a clean look and made of japanese beta titanium (no nickel) , titanium, and japanese high density acetate. My favorite Lab pieces:


Gigi also has a sun line, metal and acetate, and these are my favorite:


Incase you haven’t had the opportunity to look at the line, I’ve asked my rep, Hannah, to include her pitch for you:

GIGI Barcelona was created in Europe in 2014 but the family behind the company has making frames since the 1960’s. They used to make eyewear under different brand names in Spain, but Patricia Ramo, third generation of the family came on board in 2014 and created what we know today as GIGI Barcelona.

We have priced the collection with the idea of being able to reach not only the most mature consumer, but also the younger generations that hesitate between online and classic retail, that want to wear a cool and trendy style but not pay a high amount for it.

In 2019 we have incorporated in the United States, we have an office and warehouse in Florida and we are building up a strong sales team. We do this because we strive for giving the best service to our accounts.

-Hannah Dinglasan, Account Executive – CA, OR, WA

If you would like to be impressed by this collection, contact Gigi Barcelona here to find out who your rep is!

Author: Carissa Dunphyis a board-certified Optician who has been working in private practice Optometry since 2008. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Optician Now.

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