Monaco International Optics Trophies – Place your vote

Voting is now open for the 2nd edition of the “Monaco International Optics Trophies” to promote your favorite piece of independent eyewear, or even vote on myself or some of the other TEF Bloggers as “Optical Personality of the Year”. I am super thrilled to be awarded with this honour, only weeks after hosting my own award ceremony at the LOFT in NY, but also feel some anxiety to be on the other side of the table this time!

So please take some time to go through all 14 categories to be able to reach us though. Please visit their website and click on JE VOTE! in the popup (switch of your pop up blocker if you have one)! May the best “Optical Personality” win, although I hardly see myself in the same league as Mido’s very own Francesco Gili! Good luck!

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visuel trophées 2019

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